Decorating Kids’ Bedroom With Twin Bed Frames With Drawers

The option of applying twin bed frames in children room comes because the kid’s room is usually in small size. More wardrobes will make the bedroom looks very crowded; therefore having storage under the bedding is great idea. Twin bed frames with storage is actually not only for kids’ room but it can also be employed in adult’s room. Small space bedroom requires the furniture that fits well with the limited space, so bedding with storage is the perfect choice.
The designs of twin bed frames are now getting more sophisticated so decorating the bedroom with them are easy. Hardwood bed frame can fit the small bedroom with bright color such as light green. The color of the dark wood gives contrast to the mild accent of the bedroom wall that is painted in pastel color. The storage can contain many things including shoes, clothes, or bags. It is one of the most practical ideas that could be employed as the children’s bedroom furniture.
When twin wooden bed frames have headboard, the headboard is usually in form of shelves too. So it is like some furniture attached as one in bedding. However, it looks beautiful and cute. For teenagers or children, they would love the bedding when they can reach almost anything. This twin bed frames provide more storage just in case they have large amount of collections that are not longer fit inside their wardrobe.
The diver for this bedding could be simpler ones. Flowery of cute pattern can get along with the bedding style. Make sure the duvet doesn’t cover the storage in these twin bed frames. The bed frames are usually in white, wooden, or dark colors based on the bedroom themes. The practical functions make this bed becomes the super star of practical furniture ever. So now, small bedroom is not a problem anymore.

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