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Custom Built Caravans to Suit Your Exclusive Holiday Requirements

The quality, facilities, built in accommodation structure, design within a caravan changes with manufacturers. However, caravan manufacturers maintain a definite level of parity when it comes to the popular classified types of caravan. However, every caravan user looks for a definite set of facilities in caravans. While most of them find relevant facilities in popular caravan styles available in the market, some look for rather extra features. It is under such market demand that the concept of custom caravans emerged in the market. Even the manufacturers felt the need of the hour to keep up with the market demand, and came up with custom built caravans. However, till today the general classified types of caravan available suit the purposes of millions of buyers.

 Popular Types of Caravans 

1. Pop Top Vans 

These are one of the conventional types of caravans. Manufacturers have designed this type with an extended roof top which can effectively be useful as effective headroom for small caravans. With comparatively low frontal space the need for towing much while parking also decreases, offer enhanced fuel consumption as well. Moreover, the towing car can be used effectively for sightseeing and drives, once the caravan is parked.

2. Towed Vans 

Towed vans are quite popular and the manufacturers also keep up with the buzz in its demand with adequate supply. Since this type of caravans can essentially be towed at a camping site and the towing car can essentially be used for an errand.

3. Campervans

These are smart solutions for camping. These vans come with camping extensions attached with the walls of the van. This means you can build a camp by unleashing the extensions and pack it off and carry on your journey anytime.

 4. Conventional Caravan 

These are single axle vehicles which can accommodate at least 2 to maximum 6 people inside. The length of the interior of these caravans varies from 3 to 6.5 meters, within which you will mostly find a kitchen area with sink, working area, hob, washrooms with toilet and showers. 

There are many more types of caravans from the like

  • off road caravan,
  • luxury caravan
  • twin axle caravan
  • folding caravans
  • GRP caravans
  • Fifth wheelers

However, in spite of so many variations the demands for custom built caravans are still accelerating. Manufacturers as well feel the need to cope up with customer demands in order to gain satisfied customer rate.

  • Discussing with your caravan manufacturing companies you can come up with exclusive design layout comprising of your extensive concepts. You may choose to have an energy efficient caravan with advanced vehicle motor system for better low fuel consumption.
  • Starting from the fabrics to curtains, decor to furnishing, utilities to in built appliances; you can include whatever you want.
  • You can add in excess lighting like hanging light fixtures in the kitchen area, study lights, night study light by the bed, ambient lighting to enhance the comfort level of these vans. Starting from compact dishwashers to microwave, fridges to geyser include all the essential luxuries you would like to avail while you are on the road.

However, not all manufacturers are able to provide custom designing solutions. You need to research well, for the manufacturers who offer this extensive assistance in designing custom solutions for luxury caravans.


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