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How to Create a Sense of Enclosure and Privacy inside Your Backyard

You cannot truly enjoy your backyard if there isn’t enough privacy inside it. Passers-by and nosy neighbors should not have the opportunity to have your backyard in plain sight, especially during the summer when you might be walking around half-naked. What you really need is a sense of enclosure and privacy in your backyard that can be achieved in numerous ways, some more natural than others.

A green barrier

The most natural privacy option of all the ones we list is growing a garden but not just any garden. The plants should be placed along the border of your property, as vines and climbers can use the wooden fence as support. Soon they will overgrow it and create a green belt around your estate. Furthermore, you will benefit from less dust and smog particles generated by city pollution because all the greenery will act as a green barrier.

If the vegetation is tall enough, then it will form a shade that will lower the air temperature, which is not a small thing in urban Australian settlements where temperatures soar in the summer. If you don’t have the time to wait for the plants to grow, a speedy solution is to use raised beds that should be placed next to the fence.

Hedge out

Apart from plants, you can plant a hedge along the edges of your garden. If the crime rate is low in your area and you feel relatively fade, a hedge can do without a solid fence, adding to its appeal. Search for evergreen pants at the local garden center so they will be green even during winter. When the weather is fine, the hedge will blossom and decorate your garden with colorful flowers and scents. Although hedges don’t require any special care like frequent watering, you are still going to have to trim them from time to time.

A white picket fence?

Wooden fences have become so popular than many homeowners do not even stop to think what material they really need for their fence. Although a picket fence is the most popular type of fencing, it does come with several drawbacks, one being a lack of privacy as you can peer through the space between the pickets. It is worthwhile searching for other materials like Plexiglas that are cut into panels which provide you with much more privacy. The panels can be blurred so daylight will still get through but no one will be able to look inside your yard.

An inside job

People who are conscientious about the level of privacy inside their garden usually get carried away with the outside that they forget the house itself. What is it to have a high fence concealing you from inquisitive views while you are lounging in the backyard while people can take a peek inside your bedroom while you sleep?

That is why shutters are ideal for privacy and they help isolate your home, which can be useful if you live in, let’s say, Australia. In fact, custom made shutters in Sydney are becoming increasingly popular as you get to choose the material, the shape, and the color of the shutters that get installed on your house.

Who needs a fence after all

So far, we have discussed how erecting the right type of fencing or a green barrier will boost privacy in your backyard but perhaps you don’t need a fence after all. Although you cannot choose the size and the shape of your back yard, you do have a saying in where the garden set, lounge chairs, and hammocks go. Essentially, try to use the existing structure the best as possible to conceal the part of the yard where you spend the most time in. This means building a patio right by the wall of the house, so it enjoys the protection of the structure and its roof.

As you have seen from the examples listed, privacy inside our backyard does not solely depend on the height of the fence. A green barrier, Plexiglas fencing and windows shutter are just some of the solution that you can apply to ensure you can relax inside the backyard without worrying that someone is watching you. Furthermore, you can afford to throw a yard party and not disturb your neighbors too much.


Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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