Common Mistakes People Make While Moving

Moving is a step or rather a leap towards adulthood. It’s as exciting as it gets, but it can also be a tad bit challenging, given your inexperience. To help you transition into your sweet new home or a new work space, we have a list of commonly made mistakes by people while moving which you should steer clear of.

Moving can be very exhausting, which is why you may make mistakes. Keeping a track of all items that were in your old house requires a lot of thought. You have to make sure everything is packed.

However, you can make your move easy by avoiding these mistakes:

  • Estimate

Moving is just like buying a house or a car. It has a significant cost, which makes it viable to estimate it beforehand.  To make it simpler, there are two types of estimates that most movers go by in the country – binding and nonbinding.

Nonbinding is a rough estimate that is provided by your mover to you. It is given based on the estimate of the size of your current home and its contents, and how far you’re moving. You get the estimate in writing and can only be charged 10% more than the estimate.

A binding estimate, on the contrary, is a legal document that clearly describes the charges, which can’t be changed unless you request significant add-on services (i.e., the movers have to climb three flights of stairs they didn’t know about).

To get the best rates, it is imperative to research a bit. Check out the movers’ websites to attain certainty. With that, it is important to get at least three estimates before you take one, final decision. Office movers of Florida are great for a business move as well.

  • Insurance

People, while moving tend to forget to get insurance or even inquire about whether the mover has it too or not. Your mover might have insurance but it might just be limited to a fraction of your desirables. This is where your home insurance provider comes in.

This is where the insurance deals come in. If you feel like you’re not getting enough insurance coverage, you can always avail a variety of deals on additional insurance.

  • Spacing Out on the Non-Movables

It is important to understand that there are certain items that cannot be transported by your movers and so you would have to make the right arrangements to move them yourself. These items include jewelry, coin collections, documents, cameras or any other expensive or fragile thing for that matter.

It is vital to make a list of things you would want to take responsibility for and which ones to send via the movers.

  • Getting Rid of Stuff

All of us have an emotional attachment to certain items and we have a hard time letting go of them. But there is no point of holding on to them if they are of no use. The best option is to have a garage sale or donate them.

  • Survival Kit

Moving requires handling heavy equipment, yes you can get injured while doing this.

Life is full of surprises, which is why it is important to always be prepared and ready to take on anything and everything. As a smart mover, you must make sure that you have a personal survival kit for a smooth move-in day.

  • Check Everything Twice

It is better to be safe than sorry. Having an inventory list is incredibly important. It will help you keep track of everything you’ve packed and transported to your new place. Watching over every single box is not possible, which is why a perusal of the inventory document before you leave will provide you with some reassurance that nothing was left behind.

Having a list makes it easier to locate a missing item the day of the move than a month later when you discover you can’t find the box with your video camera and holiday tapes. Before signing off on the inventory sheet on delivery day, make sure you understand the process for filing claims for missing items.

Moving is a cumbersome process, be it that to a new home or a new office. But to our surprise, moving companies make this process a little less tough.

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