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Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning System

Finding the right air conditioner for your commercial building can be tricky, especially when you factor in the size of your building and how many employees or customers you have, all of whom need to be kept comfortable no matter what part of your building they’re in. Installing just any old air conditioner could mean certain areas of your building are icy cold and others are still sweltering, while some air conditioners could be incompatible with your building because of the installation process.

There are several air conditioners that could be appropriate for various commercial operations, be it a hotel, office or warehouse. Some include:

Ducted Systems

Ducted heating or cooling systems are ideal for large offices, warehouses, and showrooms. One major advantage is that ductwork can discreetly and easily be added throughout the building, eliminating the need for bulky units to be installed in each room. A ducted system is, therefore, able to keep your entire building at a comfortable temperature while not affecting your company aesthetic.

The added feature of zoning can also be used to control the temperature in different areas at different times.

If the majority of your commercial building needs to be cool most of the time, ducted systems are an ideal solution.

Single Split System

For offices or a small business that consists of one major room, a single split system can be a great way of heating or by cooling the space. This allows you to heat or cool the majority of your building, while not wasting energy on heating or cooling unused spaces. If your building is an open plan office, for example, a single split system could be a great solution.

However, if your business is fairly large or has multiple smaller rooms, this is not the most effective climate control solution.

Multi Split Systems

If a single split system sounds too limiting for your business, consider a multi split system instead, which can run up to four separate split systems from one outdoor compressor unit.

This makes it a great solution for commercial buildings where there are some rooms that are not always in use, such as in a medical facility where the waiting area will be much more heavily used than the patient assessment rooms.

Multi split systems also allow for greater control over the temperature in each room, eliminating issues in the office where one department might be freezing cold while another wants to keep it cool!

After arming yourself with a brief rundown of the options available on the market, ask yourself the following questions to narrow down the right product for you:

  • How many rooms need air conditioning?
  • What is the total floor space that needs to be covered?
  • How many staff, customers or clients are in your building, on average?
  • What is the overall design of your building like? For example, ducted systems may be difficult to install in some buildings, while window air conditioners may be a hassle in other buildings.
  • How high are the ceilings in your building?
Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

Now that you know what systems are on the market and what your needs are, you can speak to expert commercial air conditioning providers to find the ideal product for your business. Once you have arranged a professional installation, you can prepare your business so that the installation team can work more efficiently. Check to see if there are any areas that may require additional ductwork or end up leaking, and repair them prior to the arrival of the installation technicians.

By preparing properly, you could even save money on your energy bills in the long run. Adding some additional insulation and replacing old windows can lower your energy bills over time.

Additionally, if you clear up space before the installation technicians arrive, they will be able to complete their job efficiently and therefore result in less disruption to your team.

By knowing what type of air conditioner is best for your commercial operation, what your needs are and how you can prepare for the installation, you ensure that you’ll be able to keep your staff, customers or clients comfortable all year round, while keeping your energy bills down. Speak to a heating and cooling specialist who can take you from choosing an air conditioner all the way to regular maintenance for years to come.


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