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Choosing The Perfect Home Security Systems & Solutions

Who Needs a Home Security System & Solution Performed by Professionals?

If you are in the market for a home, or maybe you already own a home, you are a prime candidate for considering a home security system & solution. These products not only make your house more secure, they also lower homeowner’s insurance premiums. Installing a system may be one of the best decisions ever you make as a homeowner.

There are a large range of home security systems & solutions available. They range from low cost and simple solutions for the do-it-yourself customers to large-scale enterprise security systems. All solutions have the same basic feature set. They all provide remote monitoring and alarming for security on security threats.

What Kind of Threats Can Be Protected Against by Installing a Home Security System & Solution?

Detection of threats based on intrusion, damage, motion, or thermal sensors is just a selection of the products available. Let’s discuss each one in more detail and understand how these components can come together to complete your home security system & solution.

Intrusion: Monitoring for any perimeter breach is a key detection unit when configuring a security system. If you have a threat, such as a human looking to infiltrate your property, you will want to be alerted once that threat breaches the perimeter. The intrusion sensor can detect such activities using technologies such as infrared or lasers.

Damage: Monitoring for damage can be a way to spot intruders. Damage to the window will cause both audible and vibrations that can be detected by these types of detectors.

Motion: Using motion capturing cameras, these detectors can see both small and large moving objects. Be careful though, if you have pets such as cat or dog, you need to pay extra attention to selecting the correct detector that can eliminate false alarms.

Thermal: Advanced home security systems & solutions contain a thermal sensor. This will provide alerts to changes in temperature. Pairing this with motion sensors can detect most common threats.

Whom to Alert as Part of Your Home Security System & Solution

After a threat is detected, the home security systems & solutions need to send out an alert. It’s critical to think about the environment when determining the alarming mechanism. In the highly populated area, criminals want to go unnoticed, so a simple alarm or flashing lights would be enough. What are some of the common alarming solutions?

Audible Alarms:
The most basic form of alarming is audible alarms. These typically emit noises of high frequency that can be heard from far around. These alarms are also the most basic and easier to install. They can run on both battery or wired power. They can be triggered with or without a centralized keypad processing unit.

Dial-out Alarms:
Stepping up for audible alarms is the dial out alarms. These can be configured to dial out to police or to 3rd party security alarming companies. When alarms are triggered, the homeowners usually have a set time limit to enter the cancel code into the key pad. If the pass code is not entered correctly, then the alarm is tripped and a call out is placed and an audible alarm may be triggered.

Smart App Alarms:
Recently with the rise of apps, there is a new alarming system, which uses the applications on a consumer’s smartphone. When a detector in the home is triggered, the alarm is forwarded to a cloud application. The cloud application is then responsible for handling the next steps. Those next steps are typically alerting the authorities and to send a notification to the smartphone.


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