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IT Downtime: The Numbers [Infographic]

Technical problems in a business are often much more consequential than fleeting periods of inconvenience for staff. Even a solitary hour of IT downtime could cost a company thousands of dollars when you factor in lost productivity, the direct cost of fixing the IT issue, and the probability of reputational damage from their website being […]

Installation of CCTV Camera – Vital These Days!

CCTV is an abbreviated form of closed circuit television. It has gained wide popularity and now most of the working places including houses have installed CCTV cameras for their own safety. You can easily install these CCTVs in different places in your property and you can cover your entire home and commercial places with these CCTV cameras. It is […]

Blogs VS Online Magazines

Much of modern media has made the transition to digital formats. Blogging has become a popular way of writing the types of articles commonly seen in magazines. However, much like online newspapers, online magazines also exist and offer an alternative to the blog format. However, these two formats can overlap and the differences between them […]