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Bridal Make Up Trends For 2018

When it comes to weddings, it is all about the brides. Try to remember the wedding where people made comments on the groom’s enchanting look. It hardly happens. All eyes are always on the bride. Period. Although beauty standards and makeup trends change over time, going from subtle to
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2017 Skincare Trends One Needs To Have

The year 2016 has been proven it to be the antipollution and stole the show as it came up with flurry potions and lotions promising to protect the skin against the skin damaging micro sized particles. At the same time, interest of people towards the organic and natural beauty also added to the curiosity among […]

Beauty Mistakes That We Make During Summer

It has been a week or two that sticky and hot weather is officially in and you must be really concerned that why your tried and true foundation has started looking blotchy. You might also be questioning bronzer application. You must be really upset at why it looks so fake? Well, it may seem to […]