Buying a First Piano for Your Child: What Should You Know

Buying a first piano for your child can be rather overwhelming since there’s a wide range of available options. Plus, it’s one of greater investments, which means that you cannot just enter the store and pick the most beautiful one. Piano purchase is far more complicated and there’s the number of issues to think about. But, one of them is pretty clear. You aren’t buying your child a toy to play with, you’re buying them their first piano – the chance to develop their talent for music and creativity. So, what else should you know?

Size of the piano

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When choosing the right piano, you should consider its size and decide on where you’re going to place it. Because there’s no point in purchasing a grand piano whose smallest design takes up 5’ x 6’ space unless you don’t have a room big enough for it. Also, piano size can depend on whether it’s going to be moved around often. Of course, it’s not easy to move heavy and large pianos. So, if your job requires frequent moving, for example, opting for smaller and lighter piano would make it a lot easier for you.

Speaking of the size, digital pianos come with 25 to 88 keys. Although a smaller range of keys means lower price and less space needed, they might limit your child’s performance by the time. So, it’s better to opt for standard 88 key right from the beginning than having to deal with the problem later.

Type of the piano

Even if there’re three main designs – grand piano, upright piano and digital piano, the main dilemma is between acoustic and digital version, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, digital is cheaper, easy to move and has a headphone jack, but its power dependent and its sound might be less qualitative.  On the other hand, an acoustic piano is a classic with natural hammer action keys, but it demands regular tuning and maintenance, which can bring additional costs.

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Although a decade or two ago, many would have recommended acoustic piano, the choice is rather harder now. Thanks to the technology, digital pianos have evolved drastically. What is more, now there’re digital pianos with weighted keys that considerably imitate the above-mentioned hammer action. Whatever your choice would be, it has to be the one that sounds beautiful and feels good on the fingers. So, before making the final decision, you can book a test play at Theme and Variations and try a couple of displayed pianos.

Budget for the piano

Unfortunately, buying a piano is everything but cheap. And combining essential features with a lower price tag can be troublesome, but manageable. Again, digital pianos are cheaper, and with proper key features that have already been mentioned, they could represent a perfect beginner instrument. But, what gives a headache to most of the parents is a pretty obvious question – “What if my child give up on piano playing after a while?”.

In that case, you can rent a piano at first and see whether your child’s interests will change or not. In case the answer turns out to be ‘no’, then you can invest in their personal instrument. On the other hand, there is an option of buying already used piano. However, it could be a little bit risky. When buying a new piano, you know you bought a quality and that everything is in a perfect order. On the other hand, some of used pianos functioning could be broken. Which requires extra costs. And eventually, used piano can cost you even more than a new one.

Since these are only some hints on piano buying, you should take it more seriously and consult an expert. Because, you’re not investing only in an instrument, but also in your child’s talent. And, who knows? Maybe it could be their first step towards a professional music career.


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