Business On the Rise: The Importance of Pre-Sales Process on Your Sales

Imagine yourself as a shop owner and a culinary enthusiast who desires to launch a new eatery in your neighborhood.

Now, as you begin constructing the facility and planning for the launching day, you hope to assess the engagement level of the community while creating a little drama. So you settle for starting the pre-sales process.

Instead of merely opening the eatery and rising at nothing, you decided to begin a pre-sales service at the time of construction.

Potential clients can view a 3D illustration of what the diner will look like and try on few promo dishes. Others may enlist themselves as clients at a discounted price. This method is known as a pre-sales technique, and it is a critical move for every company, regardless the kind of economic activity you are participating.

Knowing the Flow of Pre-Sales Process

This operation is the set of exercises implemented before the acquisition of clients. This article will clarify how the pre-sales process works and how you can apply it in your company. Also, we will determine why it is crucial for the pre-sales as well as the sales teams to operate as one.

Business proprietors are steadily searching for new ideas to expand their business process, but they tend to overlook the importance of pre-sales process.

This outlook is one big mistake because according to Harvard Business Review, businesses with solid pre-selling goals produce at least 40% of the new company and around 80% when it comes to repeat company. These figures are way above the typical rates and prove how vital the process of pre-sales is.

The pre-sales team manages a number of the utilization of the sale and sometimes takes care of the follow-up too. The process can be broken down into sets of exercises which are preparing and planning. These schemes include developing strategies or methods and can incorporate actions like:

  • Prospecting
  • Merchandise research
  • Researching your business or the level of competition
  • Assessing your merchandises or services about your competition
  • Formulating strategy proposals

When executed strategically, these exercises can have an impact as much as twofold on making profits as obtaining new leads.

The Utilization of Pre-Sales Process

The pre-sales method starts when the prospect initiates the primary contact. In the cycle of sales, the standard measures you would undergo are:

  • Obtaining and setting connections with prospects.
  • Determine the needs of the prospect.
  • Establish an offer.
  • Handle different concerns.
  • Secure the deal.
  • Request for referrals.

A salesperson is in charge of linking and initiating communication with prospects, organizing client meetings, and sending offers. Above all, a salesperson is accountable for securing the deal. Salespeople will normally have a particular quota they must reach every month.

The process of pre-sales, as well as the cycle of sales, must work together in the best possible way and occasionally, business owners likely seek the financial advice of skilled lawyers in Ashe Morgan. Here is how the pre-sales means can support you as you start working on each level of the transaction cycle:

Obtaining New Leads

Fortunately, because of the improvements in technology and telecommunications, a sales representative nowadays has more possibilities in discovering new prospects than before.

On the other hand, this does not imply all of the potential prospects are worth the chase. Before the transactions team starts operating with the fresh prospect, the pre-sales will reduce the possibility to make certain it deserves the resources and time of the company to pursue.

Opening Communication with Leads

After decreasing the possibilities of prospect, the team in pre-sales is accountable for analyzing what concerns the client that requires a solution. This approach will assist you in establishing rapport with your likely clients and help them start to understand that you can commit to what you are proposing.

Exhibiting the Offer

The pre-sales are in charge of establishing together an offer that will compile the provided service to the client as well as the means to be used to fulfill that service. Both the sales and pre-sales teams must be in accord with the terms drafted in the offer. Once concluded, the sales representative will hand it to the client.


Overall, the process of pre-sales will be essential to seeking, acquiring, and retaining clients. The role of the pre-sales team starts after making the initial contact with a fresh prospect and frequently finishes after the acquisition of the sale. Sometimes, pre-sales will present transitional assistance in the finalization of sales.

When the departments of sales and pre-sales function together, both can certainly articulate to the client how they can assist them. The client will know why they need the service or merchandise, and the transaction will take place.


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