Building Your Own Fire Pit for Your Backyard

Everyone has had their share of camping over the years, though to some there are not camping people. The whole idea of an outdoorsy is best to some if they know that at the end of it all they can take a shower and sleep in their bed. However, one of the camping activities is the campfire. They can make someone feel cozy, warm and there are always fun games around. The amazing thing is that you can get the pit fire in your backyard. The whole process is not even that hard you have to follow just a few steps to get the professional pit fire. You have to get the plan and have people that will help out in building the fire pit. If you are ready to create your backyard pit fire, then let’s get into the details.

Supplies needed:

  • To fill the pit, you need gravel
  • Colored spray paint
  • Mattock, shovel or anything that can be used to dig
  • Landscaping stones, concrete and metal fire pit ring though they are optional
  • Rubber mallet
  • Masonry

There are areas that the recreational fire codes will not allow someone to build the fire pit, that’s the reason why you should check with them before building the fire pit to get the go ahead. The fire department is the one that will have the information, and you can get it by giving them a call. The fire pit should be built 10 feet away from any trees, fences, building structure and any other obstruction. The reason why the fire pit is 10 feet away is to ensure that the safety of the people around is maintained because there won’t be any fire breakouts. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be anything above the fire pit.

For the landscaping stones they can be gotten from any hardware stores, but before checking on the larger one, you can check small local hardware stores to see if there are other types of stones. It will give you the opportunity of knowing what in the market and the price range. Settling on buying in one shop without checking what the other stores will leave you with maybe not the best quality products. Depending on the budget that you have you can choose between two or three layers or use of the metal ring. Below is a step to step guide to building your fire pit in the backyard.

Outline the Fire Pit

After choosing the location of the fire pit, you will want to make the circle. The ways to go about this is by use of the bottom ring, and then place the stones on the ring to get the circle correctly. To get enough space of painting use the spray paint to draw the outline of the stones. Once you are done removing all stones and painting the rocks can be set aside.

Dig the hole

The circle hole purpose is so that you will be able to dig the hole in a circle way. Use the shovel, mattock or any other digging tool that you have to dog the hole 6 fit deep. It will be an easy task or difficult it depends on where you live. If you live in an area that has the Missouri grass be prepared that it will be difficult. Since, the roots of Missouri are so deep and strong, and those places that have giant rocks in the soil. The only way is being prepared for anything.

Fill the Fire Pit

Once the hole of 6 fits is made, you will want to pour the gravel into the hole until it’s full. The reason why the hole is filled with gravel because it will help with the drainage on those rainy days. If the hole is not filled with gravel up to the levels of the ground then when it rains the water will the stagnant in the whole.

Build the Fire Pit

At the end of the gravel circles put in place the stones that will be the first layer, and by using the rubber mallets, you can tamp the rocks flat so that they are even with each other. If you have the metal ring, that can be used in the middle so that the stones will be on top of the ring. When placing the second layer of stones for them to be in place then you can use the masonry in the bottom of each stone you’re laying. Make good use of the rubber mallet in the evening and tighten of the stone placement. If you want to add more layers you have to repeat the process with the second row.

After you have finished, you can let it dry for few days. One the day of using the fire pit start with a small correction of dry leaves, sticks, and newspapers. Once the starter pile is burning you can start by adding the bigger branches and logs that are smaller, and then after that, you can move to bigger once.

Craig Scott

Craig Scott

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