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How to Build Your Ultimate Home Gym

Hitting the gym regularly is amazing and the feeling of excitement you get after every workout is a great motivator. This is especially true for those who haven’t worked out in quite a while, so going back to the gym pumps up their serotonin level and relaxes them. However, just because you love spending your free time in the gym doesn’t mean you’ll have enough free time or energy to do it week after week. Unless your gym is within the walking distance from your home, you’ll be losing hours every time you go to hit the weights. This isn’t such a big problem before the practice because you’re pumped up and ready to go, so commuting to the gym doesn’t bore or tire you, but the situation is different after the workout. Most people feel exhausted then and really hate having to travel half an hour or more in order to return to their comfortable bed. That’s precisely why a rising number of workout enthusiasts is looking into building themselves a home gym and minimize the loss of time. If you too can’t seem to find a gym that’s near you and wish to do something about it, here’s how you can build one right in your home and get amazing results.

The perks of a home gym

Are there any benefits of working out at home, except saving time? Absolutely! Being able to step into a home gym whenever you want makes your working out process less stressful and your daily goals easier to reach, so you can do more work than just by going to the gym. Moreover, it’s not just about the time you spend going to and from the gym, but also the time lost there as well – just think about how much you hate waiting for your favorite treadmill to be free or the pair of dumbbells you want to work out with! Being able to use all of these machines at your own home makes working out more convenient and less time-consuming.

Additionally, a home gym will allow you to maximize your free time and utilize basically every minute you have – if you work from home, for instance, and are used to making lots of fifteen-minute breaks every now and then, running on a treadmill or lifting some weights is the best way to use this time effectively. This way, you can replace a two-hour gym workout with a few shorter sessions spread evenly throughout the day and even manage to get better results in the long run. Finally, having a gym inside your home is going to make you feel free to work out even though you’re not as fit as you’d like to be and you won’t have to be self-conscious about your body and other people scrutinizing you.

The basics of building a home gym


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The first thing you need to do when building a home gym is finding the proper space – most people use a spare bedroom, while the others opt for their garages, attics and basements, or even take their equipment outside and exercise in their back yard or on the patio. Having a separate space for your workouts is the most important thing when trying to achieve results; you need to know that this area is going to be dedicated exclusively to working out and not to other activities. Moreover, you need to personalize this space – especially if it used to be a bedroom or a home office in the past – and make it suit your needs.

However, when adapting an existing space and giving it a new purpose, it’s paramount to make sure everything’s done properly, particularly the construction and design – no matter how much time you’ll be spending in your gym, it has to be perfect! And if you don’t have any spare room at your home, adding a granny flat might be a great idea that’s not only affordable, but also quite practical. So, if you lack space, yet still want to have a home gym, be sure to find professional home builders  who’ll be able to add some space to your home and turn it into a gym that you’ll just love.

Equip your gym

Once you’ve cleared out the space and decided how to incorporate a gym into your living space, it’s time to equip it. The important thing to understand is that you don’t have to get everything at once – not only is gym equipment rather expensive, but you also aren’t going to use it all from day one. That’s why you can make a detailed plan for the future and come up with a purchasing schedule – maybe you could start with a stationary bike and some dumbbells at first, then get a few weights and a weightlifting bar a couple of months later, and so on.

Another vital part of the whole gym building process is deciding how often you plan on using it and what sorts of exercises you prefer. Namely, if you just want to lose some weight or get into shape before hitting the beach, for example, you don’t need a lot of equipment, so sticking to resistance bars, dumbbells and a treadmill is quite enough. You can find these items online at a reasonable cost and easily build an affordable gym instead of going all out and spending a ton of money. Remember, it’s all about the results, not the amount of money you invest.




Depending on your goals, as well as your level of expertise, there are lots of things you can incorporate into your home gym. Some of the essentials that suit the majority of people who just wish to stay active and perhaps get a bit leaner are a proper set of quality dumbbells, a medicine ball, a couple of foam tiles and a step platform, as well as a treadmill, a stationary bike or an elliptical machine – these are the machines that are going to make a huge difference during your cardio exercises.

Finally, don’t forget a set of different plates, a barbell and an adjustable bench that’s going to allow you to perform dozens of exercises using just plates and dumbbells. In the end, once you reach certain results and wish to go a step further, you might want to think about investing into a rack that combines lots of various exercises that hit all your muscles – from pecs and triceps to quadriceps and calves. Even though a rack is expensive, heavy and consumes a lot of space, it’s still one of the most important pieces of equipment every home gym needs. Hang few designer mirrors to boost the look of your gym and to see results of your hard work.

How often and how long?

Ultimately, many people wonder how often they need to work out in their home gym and how long should their workouts last. Well, since you’re working out on your own in your own home, it’s basically up to you, but try to squeeze in at least three hour-long sessions a week, or five fifteen-minute ones a day.

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