What Benefits Are There to Visiting a High Quality Rehabilitation Center

With drug and alcohol abuse problems growing in the United States, you may wonder what the best option for treatment is should you or your family encounter the negative effects of substance abuse. Local outpatient programs or free meetings where members discuss their addiction to find solutions might work for some people However, if the problem cannot be helped through these resources then consider the benefits of visiting a high quality rehabilitation center.

Expert Care

A high quality addiction recovery center will be staffed with experienced medical professionals and well trained support personnel. Care will be available around the clock, and regardless of your situation or your past, a wide variety of treatment options should be available. A center that works with holistic techniques (such as Beachside does at their Florida rehab center,) will give you or a loved one a better chance of success with recovery.

Holistic Treatments

This particular treatment philosophy is meant to address the root of why a person has turned to drugs or alcohol to make themselves feel better. If a patient goes through detox, and does not receive help with the reason why they started abusing certain substances, then they are likely to become addicted again. Some types of holistic treatment includes personalizing therapy and maintaining contact with the person through continuing care after they leave the facility. Some holistic treatments used at rehabilitation centers include: Psychodrama, Music Therapy, Faith Based, Equine Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR,) and Art Therapy.

  • Psychodrama: Using the art of acting to help an addicted person gain new insights into their loved ones and themselves.
  • Music Therapy: Using music to help patients find a safe way to express, deal with, and address their emotions. (Especially those tied to their addiction(s.)
  • Faith Based: Using an addicted person’s religious convictions to help them effectively recover from their addictions. For maximum effectiveness, the person should have an active spiritual life.
  • Equine Therapy: Using a horse to forge a strong physiological and emotional connection with the addict for the purpose of helping them find the strength to recover.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): Under certain conditions, eye movements may reduce the intensity of a person’s disturbing thought processes. EMDR therapy works particularly well with those who suffer from PTSD. Addicted persons with this condition may find great relief from the reduction of intense feelings when EMDR is used.
  • Art Therapy: Using art discussion and creation to fill the emotional or psychological needs left after an addict has purged substances from their system and gone through withdrawal.

If you are not sure that you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, consider the signs outlined in this article.

A person who has the great struggles with addiction may find long term relief and freedom from the desire to abuse substances when they go through a program at a high quality rehabilitation center. Be sure to check out the program that you are considering for yourself or a loved one very thoroughly. Good nutrition, highly trained staff, a holistic approach to treatment, and aftercare are all important components to getting healthy and beating addiction. You may want to ask the center for referrals from others who have successfully completed a rehab program.

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