The Benefits of Drone Technology

The use of drone surveillance has caused much controversy in the news as of late. With many individuals flocking to local members of Congress in effort to stop the use of them by means of new laws, many don’t realize that there are some good things drones can contribute to society. Below is a list of possibilities drones can offer that would make improvements in everyone’s daily lives.

Save Lives

Most people don’t know that drones have been saving lives for a long time now. Primarily used in search and rescue operations for the military, drones are also being used to help firefighters save lives as well. Equipped with gas sensors and thermal imaging technology, the drones can help first responders to locate victims more efficiently. 

Deliver Medicine

While it might seem far-fetched, drones can do a lot more than just help scan for bodies in a fire. Drones are also being used for delivering medicine in remote locations around the globe. While it is not fully setup yet to use drones in the entire USA for delivering medicine it is being tested in certain areas. Countries like Tanzania have already implemented a national plan for drone use. These zipline drones will be put into use in 2018 and will deliver medicine, blood, supplies, and and vaccinations to areas that are not easily accessible by car or plane. 

Prevent Occupational Deaths

There are many careers where drones would be better suited than humans. One such career field is ecology where scientists normally would have to risk their lives to climb trees in order to better study them. They can also be used to enter dense forests where humans would otherwise avoid. This will allow scientists to collect data more safely and more quickly than in the past. It also saves money too since it will eliminate the need for a traditional flyover with a plane. 


Ending the Fight with Poaching

With a generous $5 million dollar backing from Google, the World Wildlife Fund’s drone program is putting a dramatic stop to poaching. The $10 billion dollar illegal trading threatens rhinos, elephants, and tigers annually. The drones that are deployed send any data collected to law enforcement so that officers can be sent out to intervene if poachers are threatening any of the animals. Rhinos, for example, used to be killed once per month and now it is only two rhinos per year since the drones have been implemented. 

Why the push for past animal killings? Poachers stood (and still stand to make if they can) about $1000 per kilogram of ivory. Rhino horns are highly revered in places like China. Many Chinese believe the horns to cure cancer or to be used as an aphrodisiac. 

Future of the Food Industry

Helping out animals and people are wonderful uses of drone technology but it isn’t the only thing these machines can be used for. A UK Domino’s Pizza implemented a testing phase with a “DomiCopter” drone that was sent off to deliver pizzas. Don’t like pizza? Try placing an order for tacos. You might find your taco being delivered by a Tacocopter! While it might sound crazy more and more businesses are adopting similar concepts. 

Drones have grown rapidly in popularity in the US where the number of drones delivered have jumped from 700,000 in 2015 to a staggering 3 million in 2017. The top industry utilizing drone technology is surprisingly photography with real estate being a close second. Others are quickly filing suit though as other businesses join in the use of these incredibly versatile machines.  

Despite the controversial reputation, it would seem that drones are here to stay. While it is true that not everyone will like living with them it is safe to say that utilizing this technology won’t be entirely a bad thing. There is a lot of good that can from their use and once more people discover that drones won’t be seen in such a poor light.

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