Beauty Mistakes That We Make During Summer

It has been a week or two that sticky and hot weather is officially in and you must be really concerned that why your tried and true foundation has started looking blotchy. You might also be questioning bronzer application. You must be really upset at why it looks so fake? Well, it may seem to be annoying but my dear friends if you are facing these issues then you are in dire need to change your makeup routine during the hot weather. Did you ever notice that better primers are there that can be used during the hotter days and months? Underlined is a list of mistakes that we usually make during the hot season and we have consulted the top listed makeup artists to know how to fix them. Let us have a brief look at them one after the other:

You are using silicone primer: Primers are considered to facilitate with the makeup’s longevity. But when you will use primer with silicone then it will not only dry your skin but it will also suffocate it. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you should make use of the water based primer instead. Your skin will be hydrated.

Your eye shadows are matching your dress color: As soon as summer season sets in, you need to make sure that your eye shadows do not match the bright summer clothes. For instance, if you are wearing yellow color then you should apply neutral shadows like stormy pink, M.A.C; pro long wear paired with electric orange lipstick.

Foundation you are using is same formula and color that you have been using around the year: Until and unless you are all fine with presenting an unhealthy and washed out look, continuing the foundation color and formula from the cold season will turn out to be disaster for you. It does not matter if you like it or not but summer gives you color and hence making use of the sheer formula in a warmer shade is attractive option indeed. Life span of these articles is usually three years and hence you can make use of it next season well.

You are using wrong bronzer for the skin: it is really important for you to bronze in the natural run of your skin. It varies if you turn darker shades of the gold in sun, if you turn redder in the sun light or you want sun kissed glow to be authentic. It is all in your hands.      

You are using bronzing powder: One of the chronic issues during summer is the over bronzing. If your skin has had a sun exposure then chances are there that it will have drier texture and when you will apply the powder then it will make the skin look drier than that. Therefore, you need to nourish and feed your skin with the cream bronzing product.

You are applying much foundation: People mostly make use of too much powder during the hot season and when powder is reapplied it starts looking caked on. Skin stops breathing. It is highly suggested to make use of the sheer foundation, powder less blotting papers, or even a tinted moisturizer.

Following these above mentioned tips, hopefully you will appear to be as fresh as you used to be during the cold season of winter.

Different skins vary differently. Need is to ensure that what complements you. What goes with your skin is something that needs to be well kept in mind. Take care of these tips by the famous makeup artists and things will actually turn to your favor.

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