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Baby Shower Planning Guide

The birth of a baby is without a doubt one of the biggest events in the life of soon-to-be parents. A baby shower is a perfect occasion to celebrate this event and to share joy and excitement with your loved ones. And let’s be honest, it’s also a great way to get all the things that you need to help you welcome your bundle of joy. Planning a baby shower can be challenging, though. The guest list, buffet, and decoration are just some of the things that a baby-shower hostess needs to juggle with. Don’t let that get you down. You don’t have to be a wizard or splurge insanely to make this work. With a little creative vision and a good planning guide, you’ll be on top of the game. Here are some ideas that will help you on that journey.  

1. Pick a date

The general rule of thumb is the sooner the better. Planning a baby shower in your guest-of-honour’s early second trimester has several advantages. First of all, expectant mom will have more energy to enjoy the party. Since you’re throwing a soiree in her honour, you will want her to be able to engage actively and to feel good. The second best thing is to wait until she’s about seven months pregnant. She’ll be safely into her pregnancy, but she’ll still be comfortable. The other advantage of an early baby-shower is the presents. This way, expecting parents will have enough time after the shower to what they need to buy before the baby is born.  

2. Choose a venue

There are several things you need to keep in mind when choosing the location for your baby shower. First of all, think about your friend’s preferences. If the guest of honour is everything but nature type of a girl, avoid outdoor locations. If she’s terrified of the insects, you will want to avoid possibly stressful situations on that day. Instead, organise the party in your living room. This is a great option for an intimate party with a small number of people plus you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions. Depending on the budget and the guest list, you can consider a nearby restaurant or a hotel. This way, their staff will take on all the work so you, the hostess, can enjoy the event.

3. Send out invitations and gift registry

Whether you’re hosting a baby shower for the closest family and friends or throwing a party for 65 people, sending invitations is a must. The best time to do so is about six weeks before the event. This way, guests will have enough time to RSVP, shop for gifts, and organise their time on that day. Attaching a gift registry to the invitation is a great idea. Consult with the parents-to-be and include some great baby gifts ideas on the list. By doing this, you’ll save your guests time for shopping, and ensure the parents and the baby get the things they really need. On the plus side, you can use gifts as a centrepiece instead of splurging on one. You just need to place a table and let it become a colourful pile of bows and patterned paper.

4. Decoration strategies

Everything from invitations, decorations, party favours to the games revolves around the baby shower theme. Get clued up about the baby’s sex and the nursery theme. This will help you set the tone for everything else. Make a deco “to-do” list and make sure you schedule it right. If you’re ordering some decoration online, do it four to six weeks before the event to ensure they’ll arrive in the time for the party. You can purchase things like paper plates, name cards, and napkins earlier since they aren’t perishable. Order the cake a month in advance and pick it up a day before the party alongside the flowers. If you run into a creative block, don’t worry. The Internet is stacked with creative baby shower ideas.

5. Plan the menu

When we talk about the baby shower menu, it’s crucial that you consult your guest of honour. It’s her baby shower so the food too should mash with her taste. Whether she’s craving Mexican, Italian, or comfort food, make sure the portions are miniature. Aside from being cute, they are easier to manage. After all, you want your guests to be able to engage in a conversation while nomming on these delicious bites. You can also consider having a sweet table with mini cupcakes and champagne glasses filled with jelly beans. When it comes to drinks, make sure you include a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, too.

Throwing a baby shower doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. With the right checklist and a little imagination, you can throw a fun and festive event for your friend or a relative. With good planning, you will be able to enjoy the party to the fullest and engage in all fun games and laughter that this day will bring.

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