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All You Need To Know About Best Service For Blocked Sewer

The biggest task for homeowners is to keep their home neat and clean. You can maintain your home with good interior but one most important thing is sewage system. Sewer means a large pipe or a channel, which is placed underground to carry away waste from buildings to a place where it can be disposed off. If the sewer gets blocked, then the dirty water will come back again into the house plumbing system, which can make your home smell like drain and can affect your health. If sewers are not cleaned from time to time it results in blockage. So it is very necessary to keep a check on sewer and if any problem persists, you should go for the best service for blocked sewer.

Some Common Reasons for Sewer Blockage are:

  • Sometimes leftover food passes from sink pipeline, which causes blockage in sewer.
  • Many people dispose off sanitary items, which can choke the pipelines.
  •  When some particles start accumulating on sides and top of pipeline, it results in blocking sewer.
  • If there are some problems with the structure or formation of sewer then it may also lead to blocked sewer.
  • Many a times, it is seen that there are some small growth of plants in the pipeline, which also contributes to be one of major reason for blocked sewer. This problem occurs mostly in old pipelines.

Some Home Remedies which can ease your Task of Unblocking the Blocked Sewer:

  • A mixture of baking soda and vinegar in equal proportion can help you with clearing sewer if left overnight or for few hours followed by hot stream of water.
  • Similarly, a mixture of salt and baking soda in addition with boiling water can do the wonder.
  • Only boiling water is also effective.

If home remedies don’t work with the blockage of sewer then you need the help of a plumber to fix your problem permanently.

Harmful Effects of Blocked Sewer:

  • If water becomes stagnant it may give birth to mosquitoes which can lead to major health problems.
  • It creates such a foul smell that you won’t be able to bear that.
  • You get involved in unblocking so much that you cannot even complete your chores.
  • It creates an unpleasant atmosphere.

How to Fix your problem of Blocked Sewer or you can say how you can service Blocked Sewer?

So here is the answer to your question of servicing blocked sewer:

Firstly, you should hire a professional plumber so that you are provided with best service for blocked sewer and he will ask about your sewer like about its structure, from when you are facing this problem, whether any object or sanitary items was stuck or flushed into the system. The plumber will look into the matter and might use drain camera to have a look on problem. If any damaged pipe or joints is suspected he will work accordingly.

Professionals have a Great Range of Equipment for their Work. Here are Some Discussed Below:-

  1. Water jetters of high pressure are new technologies, which consist of hose fitting which is large in length with high-pressure tip. It creates a blast of water to break the block.
  2. An auger uses electric powers also known as plumbing snake is equipment which uses steel cable, attached to an electric motor. These work by detecting the joints and bend and mend the joint by using its blades to dissolve the block.

Once the plumber is done with their job they will advise you to flow water through the sewer system to ensure that it’s clear.

So in brief, we can say that here are reasons for sewer blockage and remedies to fix the problem.


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