All About Mezzanine Floors – Explained In Detail

Do you own a warehouse or storage space and want to maximize the utilization of all the space? Have you heard of Mezzanine floors? If you have, do you know which material to use to make it? Well, mezzanine floors are not a new concept, and they have been in use for decades to effectively increase the storage capacity of your warehouse.

Important Factor: An important factor while building your best mezzanine floor is the material that you use for its construction. Well, the most common materials used these days are the composite boards or steel bars. If you are looking to choose composite for the purpose of building mezzanine floors, usually 38mm composite is used which is designed to handle the maximum load of 500 kgs. The boards which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of best mezzanine floors usually consist of proper corners and filleting to relieve stress. This makes the surface flat which can be spread over the steel beam.

Quality:  Now, let us talk about steel, the material used for building mezzanine floors. These steels are galvanized, powder coated or painted in order to protect from corrosion. Additionally, various other patterns can be drawn to give it aesthetic value. This is comparatively a much better choice as steel structures can handle 2 to 3 times more loads compared to composite counterparts. Moreover, these can be molded into any shape you desire to suit the needs of your warehouse. You can paint it afterwards to enhance the look and make your warehouse a little more interesting. Not to forget the fact that many cafes, restaurants, and bakeries have been using it to save space and enhance the visual appeal of their shops as well. However, this will cost more compared to composite but with the high costs also comes the durability and solid foundation for your storage area.

Home Interiors: Not only can you use these in your warehouse, but some of the best mezzanine floors also make an exceptional addition to your home interiors. You can employ these structures and use glass side rails to give an enhanced look. This way you will be able to utilize the vertical space available at your home. With modern homes becoming more expensive, space has to be utilized very smartly. Although bunk beds, foldable furniture, and many other innovative products have helped in saving place, the vertical space can ONLY be utilized by making the best mezzanine floors.

All the production areas, assembly lines, picking and packing or bulk storage areas, security areas for high-value products, etc. extensively use mezzanine floors. Moreover, there are no legal permissions required to make mezzanine floors unlike adding an extra floor to your house. If you have a mechanized setup for picking and placing operations, then the installation of these floors are perhaps the best decisions for your company. This is because it is straightforward to train the robots and decide coordinates owing to symmetric designs. These structures can be built on long shelves as well as rack supported places. This is perhaps a much better alternative which is highly cost-effective compared to expanding your warehouse as a whole which requires a lot of money coupled with legal permissions too.

Bottom Line

Hence, if you are looking for better utilization of the vertical space available in your warehouse or your home, then the mezzanine floor is your best bet. You can choose either composite boards which are cheaper, or you can go for a proper steel structure which is expensive but can support higher loads and are durable. In the end, it is about your budget and creativity that will yield results!

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