Age Like a True Man, Win The Testosterone Battle

As the years go by, we’re destined to feel the weight of time pressing down on us; the pressure getting harder as each year goes by. The last thing we want to see gone, well, apart from the obvious and not-so-PG answer – is testosterone. Testosterone influences almost everything we do and how we do it, it is imperative that we keep a relatively balanced level lest we submit to time. This hormone is, essentially, what makes a man a man and, despite what our wives might say, that’s a good thing!

What happens and why should you care

As we get older, our body naturally starts decreasing the amount of testosterone we produce. In some cases, this gets out of hand and it completely plummets, making us tired, weaker and, worst of all – kills off our sex drive. This will not stand! ED jokes aside, testosterone levels need to be kept at a normal level so we don’t get bored with ourselves. What most men perceive as “getting old” is just the reduced amount of testosterone they’re producing, resulting in tiredness and insufficient interest when sex is concerned.

What you can do

There are many “homebrew” methods out there, but most of them don’t have that big of an oomph to make a difference. The best way to remedy this problem is to avoid it altogether, after you turn a certain age (50), take regular visits to the doctor into consideration. This will help catch the problem early on and it will keep you up to date with everything concerning your body – not just your testosterone levels. If being proactive is not really your forte, then we have the old tried and true methods that we’re all very familiar with.


No surprise there, physical exertion is precisely the type of activity that forces the body to pump out testosterone like it’s German beer in October. The shear strain that we’d put our body through, day in and day out – this is what will help us gain or regain muscle mass and skyrocket our sex drive. Among the various types of exercise, weight training has shown to be the most effective at boosting testosterone both in the short and the long-term.

Change your diet

We all knew this was coming, yeah, it’s a drag. However, changing our diet and pursuing a healthier lifestyle does wonders for the body in general. Pump up the protein and carbs to get the absolute maximum out of your weight training. This, combined with a healthy supply of calories and you’ll see yourself reach heights you’ve never dreamed of before. This will also affect your psyche, as you beef up, your confidence will soar – making that testosterone all the more beneficial.

Zinc it up

When all else fails, go directly to the source of the problem. Even minor shifts in zinc levels can cause a man’s testosterone levels to drop at an alarming rate. There are foods like chicken, beef or oysters that contain copious amounts of zinc, but if looking for a quick fix – go for supplements. Just a small supplement of zinc to a person’s day can make up for the pounds and pounds of oysters you’d have to ingest to get the same effect. This will end up saving you time and money while getting you what you want.

Consult professionals

Before attempting any of these, always, always consult a professional. We need to be aware of any other problems that might inhibit our activities or even make things worse because we were too lazy to check. When concerned with these kinds of things, it’s best to go directly to clinics like which specialize in these areas and with their help find a proper solution that will work for you. This way you won’t have to wait in line and you’ll get help from medical professionals with years and years of experience depending on the type of damage caused up to 70 percent of men are able to have sufficient erections.

Don’t give up

The most important thing one needs to get out of this is the notion of not giving up. We might not be able to stop aging just yet, but we can influence how our body responds to it. We’re loud, masculine and annoying, we’re men – and we want to keep it like that. Take the time, take interest in your own body and take steps to enhance your situation – you’re aren’t alone and you’re far from the end of the line. When faced with a problem: improvise, adapt, overcome.

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