Advantages of Developing Apps with MEAN Stack!

Numerous technological platforms always promise the apt transition of a cutting-edge idea onto the practical workhorse. However, only a few of them manage to accomplish the challenge successfully. Today, even the simplest code development process requires the same to pass through an array of testing for functionality, repositories, and code libraries.

However, only very few ideas pass through the testing phase for successful implementation. MEAN stack ranks among such technologies that ideate new features and implements them successfully creating new landmarks for the users. MEAN stack is essentially comprised of 4 components that include:

  1. MongoDB-: A NoSQL based database.
  2. ExpressJS-: A framework for web application.
  3. NodeJS-: Javascript runtime with the use of event blocking model based on I/O.
  4. AngularJS-: MVC Javascript framework used for building the web applications.

All of these components are used together to create a powerful tool for rapid mobile application development.

Isomorphic Coding

Isomorphic coding is the functionality that allows one pre-written code to run on another framework with a minute or no changes incorporate to the existing code. MEAN Stack allows you to use this function all across the source code with no need to implement any change. This makes MEAN Stack a cutting edge and reliable technology.

Here are some of the advantages of mobile application development with the help of MEAN Stack.

1-Creation of Isomorphic code

Javascript and angularJS web application developments helps make the project code an isomorphic one. Javascript ranks among the popular languages all across the globe that comes along with various benefits. With the help of MEAN Stack, you can easily enjoy the benefit of having the same JavaScript all over.

If you find that the code written for Node isn’t the one you wanted, you can easily switch the same to Angular JS. Given the fact that MEAN Stack is a flexible coding platform, you can easily switch from one to another. You do not necessarily need to poses expertise for various languages such as PHP, backend specialization, or front-end specialization.

A single JavaScript specialist can easily take over the complete project with the use of the MEAN stack. Top ranking companies consider MEAN Stack as the elixir that helps uplift the projects based on web-development as well as creation of excellent quality applications.

2-JSON All Around

Both angularJS web application development and NodeJS uses JSON. Even the MongoDB, which is a component-based database created for relational functionality, allows one to store the documents as per JSON format. MongoDB can be used for successful communication between the JavaScript notations.

Small or mid-sized companies actually use the MongoDB for functionality execution whereas the larger names use MySQL for their projects. Application developers usually pick MEAN Stack on a frequent basis for numerous stages in terms of web and application development.

3-Open Source

Each and every technology that is used for the MEAN Stack is actually an open source technology that is free for everyone to use. This brings down the overall development cost given the fact that developers from all across the globe participate in curating a useful digital library with codes that are regularly updated by users with different point of views. Public repositories that are available online help with distribution of useful coding options.

Mostly the top application developers post relevant queries on these open portals to acquire solutions and connect with numerous experts all across the world. Open source technologies are maintained with the constant effort of developers that regularly experiment with the coding scenario to produce better features that might trend in the near future in terms of application development.

4-Cloud Compatibility

If your client for angularJS web application development wants you to implement the functionalities of cloud inside the application, you can opt to work with MongoDB as your source. This makes the M in the MEAN Stack a rather profitable share that can be acquired easily. You can reduce the cost for disk space given the fact that it is easy to develop, test, or maintain a project with cloud access. You do not need the MongoDB for your project.

Cloud compatibility also helps you keep the essential application development data secure just in case your workplace shows error while functioning. You can easily store a large chunk of data without worrying about running out of space to store some. Rather than having to open up the laptop to get access to the data for web application development, the cloud feature helps with remote access from anywhere.

5-Frontend AngularJS

AngularJS is actually a JavaScript framework based on open source from the client-side. It has been seeping into numerous projects for quite some time now. Numerous application developers from all around the world opt to work with this language for the development of power based front-end projects.

When making JavaScript-based applications for client-side, AngulasJS helps with resolving an array of issues while making it maintainable, reusable, as well as testable. The framework for AngularJS is comprised of some powerful directives which eventually evolve towards domain-specific development language. The development stage for AngularJS comes with high reusability and testing platform.

6-Ease of Learning

MEAN Stack is very easy when it comes to learning along with the flexibility for grasping and understanding of this language. The implementation stage of MEAN Stack is also very easy as compared to any other language.

7-Quality User Interface

MEAN Stack essentially provides the best quality for creation of user interface given the fact that it essentially supports the MVC or Model View Controller Architecture.

8-Proven Technology

MEAN has been designed, tried, and tested several times to ensure that it provides quick solutions to any kind of issues that might surface while using this technology. It ranks among the proven technologies that can easily deal with any glitches when surfing down the road to web application development.

You might still be unsure of the wide application of this language, however, when you Google the brand names that opt for MEAN Stack-based application development, you will be surprised to learn that tech giants and even startups opt to work with MEAN Stack. Names such as PayPal and eBay use the feature-filled option of Node.js for any kind of web application development requirements.

9-Universal Language

When working with MEAN Stack, you work with a universal language that allows any new developer that joins in later to understand what goes into the development process and the updates till date without lagging behind. MEAN Stack can be termed as the one-man army that is fast, easily deployable, and scalable for the backend as well as front-end web application development requirements.

10-Cost-effective solution

Development of applications with the MEAN Stack essentially requires the developers who understand JavaScript. However, LAMP Stack needs developers that come with expertise in an array of languages that include PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. MEAN Stack development requires very few developers that can easily create an efficient web application.

This means that the amount one needs to invest for the development process essentially drops down as compared to the ones required for any other language. This certainly proves that MEAN Stack is very cost effective with the best quality for application creation.

However, the preference for MEAN Stack differs from one individual to another regarding application requirement. For some developers, the LAMP might be the best way to create web applications, while for some MEAN Stack is better when you take a look at the bigger picture including features such as compatibility, cost-effectiveness, features, and ease of use. It is easy to learn and implement as well. Any of the technology that is available over the MEAN Stack can easily be used for integration along with another language which might differ as per requirement. MEAN Stack is the latest and innovative technology ruling over the current market.

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