About Vacuum Pumps: It’s Functioning and Usage

The vacuum pump is a device whose function is to create a vacuum by removing the gas molecules from a volume that is sealed. A vacuum pump is used for pulling out the gases and air from any confined space. This causes the space to be left out or any air molecule or any gas. This device is used in a number of applications like sealing, cleaning, etc.

How Do Vacuum Pumps Work?

The primary purpose of a vacuum pumps is to remove the air from an enclosed system with the help of suction. This helps to decrease the density of air within a confined space and leads to the formation of a vacuum. A vacuum pump helps to evacuate the air which is contained within a system which causes the mechanical input energy of the rotating shaft to be converted into pneumatic energy. As the pump removes the air from the space the level of the pressure of the interior of the sealed volume drops and becomes lower than the pressure of the outside atmosphere.

How to Measure the Performance of the Vacuum Pump

There are different factors which help to assess the performance and efficiency of a device. In case of a vacuum pump, the performance of the pump depends on the pumping speed of the pump. The pumping speed is the measure of the volume flow rate of the pump at the inlet. This is measured in “Volume per unit of time.” Different vacuum pumps have different pumping rates. This largely depends on the kind of the pump and the gas which is being pumped. The volume flow rate of a pump depends on the chemical composition of the gas which is present inside the chamber.

Another factor that determines the performance of the vacuum pumps is the throughput of the pump. The throughput can be found out by multiplying the pumping speed by the gas pressure which is present inside the inlet. Throughput of the pump is the amount of molecules which can be pumped out of the sealed volume per unit of time at a given temperature.

Uses of Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are largely used in different scientific and medical applications. It is used in various industries like pulp, cement, paper, sugar mills, chemicals, treatment plants, and pharmaceuticals and so on.

Some of The Common Uses of Vacuum Pumps Are As Follows:

  • Automobile industries: Vacuum pumps are used in the automobile industries. When the electric tubes and lamps are produced, the devices are evacuated, and then they are refilled with the desired mixture of gases.
  • Semiconductor processing: Vacuum pumps are used in semiconductor processing like dye etching, ion implantation and the deposition of PECVD, ALD, PVD, CVD and so on.
  • Medical processes: The medical procedure that may require suction such as radio pharmacy, radiosurgery, and radiotherapy also incorporate the use of vacuum pumps.
  • Ophthalmic coating: For the purpose of decoration, saving of energy and ensuring durability, vacuum coating and a great deal of skilled engineering are needed.

Apart from all this, the vacuum pump is also used in the sewage systems and trash compacting.


The types, applications, and uses of a vacuum pumps are varied. Different kinds of vacuum pumps find their use in the different types of industries. Mainly, there are three varieties of vacuum pumps via positive displacement pumps, entrapment pumps, and momentum transfer pumps. These pumps are further classified into different forms like the close couple, liquid ring, single cone, chemical process and so on. Ever since their inception, vacuum pumps have made lives of people way more accessible.


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