A Sure-Fire Fashion Guide According To Your Body Shape: Here’s How

You know what looks best on you, and you always know that there is always a dress that makes you feel a lot more confident. However, not all dress will feel comfortable, maybe it is because the dress you are trying to wear is not in accordance with your body figure.

Do you know what your body shape is? If you do not, here are some guidelines you can follow to know what kind of body type you have and to know which areas you should try to highlight to make your approach to fashion easier than before.

Rectangle Body Shape

Your hips, waist and shoulder broadness are in fantastic symmetry. The perfect asset of your shape is your stunning legs and arms and it is best to set up those slender curves and show off those thin arms and legs.

If you have a rectangular body figure, wearing a sweetheart neckline provides some curves or a pencil skirt that features your killer legs and captivates visual attraction. A magnificent alternative to dressing rectangular body shape is the crop top and excellent skirt sets.

To create curves, wear sweetheart tops and scoop neck. You can also create a thin look by wearing longer jackets. Also, there is no need for you to wear fashion styles that are overwhelming.

Apple Body Shape

Nearly all of your weight is just above your hips which are short. The apple body shape has broad ribs, back, and shoulders.

The perfect advantage of your apple shape body will always be your stunning legs, and it is best to show off those legs through wearing a pair of gorgeous women’s shoes as your fashion statement.

If you have an apple body figure, wear dresses that consist of necklines that lengthen your structure such as V-neck dresses. Another approach to attract attention away from your small mid-section is to wear structured coat or jacket with a dress.

Also, apparel with V-neck cuts will help generate an illusion of a longer torso. You can always wear a statement belt to emphasize a small waist, and a bra that provides excellent lift with a fantastic support.

The Wedge Body Shape

It’s also known as the inverted triangle. The wedge body shape displays ample shoulders and a broad chest with narrow hips and waist.

The most excellent asset of your wedge figure will be your fascinating legs, and your fashion objective is to always highlight your amazing lower body while softening the tone of your upper body.

If you have well-toned arms and shoulders, try wearing strapless apparel and add a statement pendant to entice attention. If you have a small waist, you can also try wearing a gorgeous belt to create a well-balanced silhouette.

Wearing bright colors on the bottom is strongly recommended as well as the wide-leg pants. Also, wearing full skirts will also feature this type of body figure, and never think about wearing fashion designs that are high-waisted and tops that is spaghetti-strap for it does not synchronize with your body shape.

Hourglass Body Shape

You have a curvy and narrow waist with your shoulders and hips identical in proportion. The perfect advantage of your body figure is your deadly curves. The goal of your fashion is to feature those stunning curves by highlighting your waist.

Having hourglass body shape, it is best to wear dresses with structured top half that hug your waist to prevent it from bulking. Hourglass figures are recommended to wear dresses with V-neck cuts  or dress with sweetheart necklines to balance your figure.

You can also accessorize with belts to showcase those natural curves. Wearing a belt at the waist will enhance your hourglass figure as well as dresses that provide a great fit. You can also wear high-waisted skirts to accentuate your curves. And one more reminder, do not think of wearing baggy clothing as it completely downplays your curves.

Pear Body Shape

You got hips that are wider than your shoulders. Your waist is well-defined, and you have a rounded bottom and the perfect advantage of your shape are your sharp shoulders and torso.

The objective of your fashion is to feature your arms and waist by adding impact to your upper body and shoulder. A person with a pear body structure must decide to wear visually attractive hemlines on gowns or dresses that could help slim down the thighs and hips.

Skirts that provide an A-line is exceptional, and you can keep the hems of skirts, pants, dresses wide to balance the hips. You can also experiment with dark-colored bottoms and light-colored tops for balance.


Comfort is still the best asset you have every day, and if you feel even a slight discomfort on what you wear, it might be because it does not match with your body figure. It is always important to know what kind of body figure you have first before you choose what apparel you want to wear to feature the advantage of your body comfortably.


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