A Guide to House Plants [Infographic]

House plants are a great way to inject an extra dash of color and verve into your home, but it is only with consistent care that they will thrive. This infographic from EZ Living Interiors takes you through the types of house plants that are best suited to each room within your home, along with important tips on how to care for each one so that you get the best out of it.

In the bedroom, you’ll want plants which emit plenty of oxygen so that the air quality in the room is maximized, as this will help to contribute towards a good night’s sleep. Snake plants and Aloe Vera possess these qualities in abundance, while their versatility of appearance and size means that you’ve an excellent chance of finding one to suit your bedroom. Snake plants have the added benefit of requiring very little maintenance to prosper.

If you’re looking to enhance your kitchen with a few plants, white jasmine and aluminum plants are worth considering. White jasmine requires plenty of light, so if you have a south-facing kitchen, it’s ideal for that space. Also, when situated near the heat of a stove or cooker, it will grow marvelously. Aluminum plants are well suited to the kitchen given their silver and green foliage, plus their capability of being hung from the ceiling, thus freeing up counter space.

Find out about more house plants that would be ideally suited to your home in the infographic below.


How to Keep Houseplants Alive

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