A Guide on Wedding Bands for Couples

Are you looking for wedding bands as a couple? Well, this is indeed one of the most exciting times for you. After all, the wedding band is not just an ordinary ring; it stands for your everlasting love and lifelong commitment towards each other. Most couples prefer to choose the ring together.

The tradition of exchanging wedding bands has been there since times immemorial and is found in almost every culture. The wedding rings have signified loyalty apart from the love between the couple. Thus, this is no ordinary piece of jewellery and thus should be highly valued and carefully chosen.

 When Buying Wedding Bands

There are some pointers that every couple should keep in mind when looking for wedding bands. Here are some essential aspects to keep in mind so as to make the right choices.

  • Start looking early: It is a good idea to start early when looking for wedding bands designs. After all, it takes time to look at different designs and finalize the choices. Sometimes, the rings may need further modification or customisation, and specific styles can take longer to get finished.
  • Focus on your budget: When looking at wedding bands, go for the looks and designs that fall well within your budget. After all, wedding bands do not come cheap, and every couple has a certain budget in mind. It is recommended to put aside about 5% of the wedding budget for the rings and keep a buffer of 10-15% of the price range.
  • Choose the metal: Although gold has been the typical metal used for wedding bands, today, one comes across a wide range of rings in a different metal. The couple should go for the same metal and complementary looks as they make a beautiful connection. Some other metals include platinum, cobalt, palladium, and tungsten. White gold and Rose gold are some other options you can explore.
  • Your lifestyle: Another factor to consider is your lifestyle. Some couples may have hectic lifestyles, while others may enjoy a more relaxed one. Thus, if you work outdoors and work with your hands, you may want to avoid gemstones or intricate carvings and look for solid metal rings. It is essential that the wedding ring matches your lifestyle as you are likely to wear it daily.
  • Look for something new: Today; the market is flooded with new ideas and designs when it comes to wedding bands. Thus, it is good news for couples how are looking for something different or a new design. You can consult the jeweller and make some new suggestions or modify a band that you already like. There are plenty of ideas to explore.
  • A comfortable style: The wedding ring style you go for should look beautiful and offer a comfortable fit. There are individual styles that are more popular as they are both comfortable to wear and make for a practical choice. For example, those wedding bands that are rounded on the inside are certainly more comfortable on the finger.
  • The right size: Make sure that you give the right size when ordering wedding bands. After all, it would be a great disappointment to discover on your wedding day that the ring doesn’t fit. So, make sure that the jeweller has the right size and has understood the design well.

Keep in mind that wedding bands are a purchase that is special for both of you. It doesn’t mean that those rings need to be bought from big brand stores. Even a simple wedding ring from local jewellers can be as unique and emotional. The wedding bands should be stylish, practical, and well within your budget.  If both of you like the rings and love the design, well, it is indeed the perfect buy for you and your loved one.


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