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9 Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to as We Head Towards 2019

Marketing/SEO is trendy and fun, but also elusive.  Marketing has a need to adapt because as the way we consume content evolves, so does our need to market that content.  This can be very tricky.  If you aren’t in the know-how you can spend a lot of money and get nowhere in your campaigns.  Due to this, it’s always necessary to keep up on the trends.  There are some big shifts happening in marketing right and this post is going to cover those shifts.  Here is what to look out for as we head towards 2019…

1. Mini Video Ads:

Video content is starting to takeover.  With that, there is a growing number of video content.  Our attention spans are getting shorter and short; especially when it comes to advertisements.  As a result, and because of the value of people’s time, short video ads are killing it right now.  YouTube is dominating advertisements and lots of companies are taking notice.

2. Long-Term Relationships With Social Media Influencers:

Social media influencers aren’t necessarily new and have been around a while.  There are lots of people who push content through these influencers to get huge viewership on their products.  The days are soon going to be over where you can reach out to influencers with ease.  For this reason, developing long-term relationships with influencers that are going to continue to grow is key.  This will keep prices down, and relationships steady.

3. Virtual Reality Embeds on Social Media:

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across what looked like a video.  The difference was that when I moved my phone around, the environment moved with it.  VR isn’t new, but as I was scrolling I instantly noticed this.  I spent about 5 minutes consuming this piece of Shark Week content noticing a shark that was moving past my phone.  I then proceeded to look up Shark Week on the internet.  Talk about engagement.  Virtual reality embeds on social media will start off with big companies until the technology is more affordable and popularized.  Look for this in 2019.

4. Keywords with A Focus on Voice Searches:

SEO gurus know that you need to optimize your website and incoming content for specific Google keywords.  The words of focus are really important.  Many projections predict that voice search will soon overtake text search.  This means that conversation-based keywords that are used in voice-searches could be a major focus in the near future.

5. Website ChatBots:

Artificial intelligence chat bots are finally good enough to be useful.  Consumers are finally rating positive experiences with chat bots.  Some studies show that even up to 70% of people are showing positive responses to chat bots.  24/7 communication with your audience will always be a bonus.

6. Transparency:

There are so many customer review sites and apps to find information about companies.  They can’t hide anything anymore.  Promising money to charities or misleading consumers about outgoing money to charities is impossible now.  People are getting more and more idealistic and they want companies that are this way.  If there is a part of a product that doesn’t work, you best own up to it.

7. Specific Content Clusters for SEO:

Google and other search algorithms have changed.  It’s getting better and better at picking up the expert content that delves deep into all aspects of a particular keyword.  For this reason, it’s better to have one piece of “pillar content” for a shorter keyword that has cluster content coming off it in the form of focusing on longer-tail keywords.  The more specific your cluster content, the more that Google will reward you as being expert for that little tidbit of information on the web.

8. Marketing Campaigns With Artificial Intelligence:

Using artificial intelligence to get on-the-go feedback on campaign performance enables real-time tweaks for the most effective marketing campaigns.  In addition, AI allows marketers to see how their niche customer continues to interact with niche-specific content to continuously update their marketing campaigns.

9. Continued Focus on Native Advertising:

Native advertising isn’t new but it will continue to be the major focus heading towards the end of the year.  Glammed up Pinterest-esque content is not going to do well on LinkedIn.  Hashtag lingo and short snippet content of Twitter will not do well on Instagram.  Continue to get to know the social media platform you are marketing on.


In conclusion, we are in an era that is changing faster than ever.  In a paradoxical manner, we want to consume content that is unique and authentic even though it’s being played on mobiles devices thousands of miles away.  Video and VR provides this to consumers.  In addition, companies need to stay on top of their game.  Consumers are starting to look at the companies they are buying from when making purchases.  It seems that other aspects don’t need to be as personal, however.  ChatBots and other AI technologies are quickly providing customers with streamlined support that is appreciated in a world where attention spans are shorter than ever.

Tyler Dahl

Tyler Dahl

Tyler Dahl is a freelance writer and interior designer who has been writing for various design websites including interior design and graphic design for the last couple of years. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and going camping.

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