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Eight Tips To Be Beautiful Without Makeup

Most of us don’t even think of our lives without makeup. Today’s topic may appear to be scary for most of the girls, and the credit goes to popularization of beauty standards that are unrealistic. It is actually possible to be beautiful without makeup.

It has become our norm to wake up early and then put on that beautiful makeup mask. Media usually makes us believe that a woman without makeup on cannot look beautiful at all. We do not suggest that you should quit on makeup but if you look forward to live few makeup free days then all you have to do is to put in little more efforts in this regards.

Feel beautiful without makeup: First step towards natural beauty is to get connected with your inner self i.e. your image. How do you feel about yourself is all up to you? From right now, know that you are pretty. If you consider yourself to be beautiful and you accept it completely then the world around you will feel the same. Yes, it is that simple.

On the contrary, if you do not feel confident and comfortable about yourself without makeup then you must adapt to the new natural image of you gradually. For instance, when you are on vacation, why not give vacation to your face as well. Use minimal cosmetics, like you may only use a touch of lip gloss and mascara.

Your skin is everything: If you have decided to live a makeup free life then it does not mean that you should let go all of your skin care products. Nobody stops moisturizing and cleansing because they are considered to be the necessities for the health and the beauty of your skin. Trust me, most of the skin problems are because of the excessive use of cosmetics. At times skin tone becomes uneven due to reaction of foundation or blush, when you stop using it, after few days you will notice improvement in your skin tone.

You may focus on making your skin glow and look better by trying to get rid of dark circles under the eyes and treating skin problems such as acne and wrinkles. This way, you can be more confident in flaunting your skin even without make up.

You should make use of the facial masks couple of times in a week to exfoliate your skin. Choose the mask according to type of your skin. One of the best skin care tips is to splash the face with cold water in the morning and then in the evening for at least 10 seconds. It will close the pores and tone the skin naturally.

Natural beautiful eyebrows: Look in the mirror and see natural shape of our eyebrows. If you have over plucked them then this is the right time to grow them back. Shape them up once and for all via professionals. If you have too light eyebrows then rather than drawing them with pencil. Make use of the semi-permanent brow color. You can also apply a mixture of sweet almond oil and castor oil on your brows ever night before sleeping. You will enjoy wonderful results if you will use it for a couple of months.

Healthy eating and drinking: Good food is significant not only for the skin but for the overall health of your body. Ensure eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily along with the healthy proteins and fats. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Treat yourself with green tea to make your skin look fresh and younger even without makeup.

Kissable lips: Gently massage your lips with your tooth burs for a couple of minutes every evening. Afterwards rinse them and apply Shea butter, you will feel baby soft, tender, kissable lips.

Smile and love yourself: Audrey Hepburn said that, “the prettiest girl is the happiest one”. Therefore, smile every time you look at yourself in the mirror and let smile be your accessory. You will look and feel pretty because remember, you are truly beautiful and unique.

So now, do you think that you will look pretty even without makeup?

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