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7 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

The washing machine is an invention that has made our life so much easier. When we take proper care of it, it takes care of our clothes and thus, us. However, if we don’t take care of our washing machine and we don’t maintain it as we should, we could end up with not so clean laundry. Many people overlook the fact that even though the washing machine is a bulky home appliance, it is sensitive to improper handling. Fortunately, there are some washing machine maintenance tips that are inexpensive, easy to follow and that are bound to result in the clean and fresh-smelling laundry. 

1. Deep clean your washing machine

In order to give 100%, every washing machine needs deep cleaning from time to time. That means you’ll need a special machine cleaner that is able to remove all the residue left in your washing machine. This machine cleaner needs to be strong enough to remove the residue but not too invasive to the metal and plastic parts of your machine. This is especially crucial in the areas where water is hard and thus leaves a lot of micro-residuals behind. If we don’t give our machine proper treatment, it will undoubtedly display some problems sooner or later. The problems could be of physical nature related to the machine or of its functionality and not so clean laundry.

2. Don’t forget the rubber gasket

Another important step for maintaining your washing machine is also related to cleaning, more specifically to cleaning the rubber gasket. The rubber gasket has an essential role in washing your laundry, by wrapping the edges of your machine it protects your clothes from damage and your hands from injury when taking out the laundry. It doesn’t matter whether you own a top load or a front load type of washer – the same amount of dust lands on the gasket and it usually ends up on the edges and sides of the gasket. Besides the dust particles, the detergent and softener residues also end up on your gasket. It is a part of your machine that goes under a lot of wear and tear and that’s why we should take special care of it. You should clean the gasket once a week with a damp cloth to prevent the residues and bacteria from building up. 

3. Cleanse the dispensers

New, modern-day washing machines have separate containers for detergent and fabric softener. What they do is automatically mix these substances with water so you can put your load immediately into the machine, without waiting for the detergent to blend in. However, using these containers for some time, without cleaning them, results in harmful residue and bacteria piling up. It looks like transparent and sometimes even greenish texture, which not only smells bad but can be toxic for us as well. Continuing washing your clothes where detergent comes from these filthy dispensers can leave you with a contaminated machine and dirty clothes. So, make sure you clean it from time to time. It’s also a good idea to buy a new detergent dispenser drawer after a few years of usage. Today, it’s not difficult to find spare parts for your washing machine model. For example, since a lot of people own an LG washing machine, they can easily find LG washing machine parts for the model they own.

4. Leave the door open

Yet another of essential tips to take care of your washing machine suggests leaving the door of your machine open after taking out a load of freshly washed clothes. This is a mistake most people do, they close the door after taking out the laundry, when in fact you should leave it open from 15 to 30 minutes. It removes moisture and prevents mould and bacteria from building up in your machine.

5. Check the hoses

The hoses of your machine play a role in water supply and drainage. Make sure they are smooth and that they enable water flow along the whole of their length. No cracks or leaks should be present. 

6. Choose the right detergent & fabric softener

Choosing the right detergent and fabric softener is not easy. Some people choose a detergent advisable for the model they own, while others use a regular one. What’s important is to remember to use a detergent that’s not too harsh or heavily alkaline in order not to damage both your clothes and the machine parts. Keep in mind the appropriate doses for your detergent and fabric softener. 

7. Keep the surface clean

A functional and spotless-looking machine enhances the looks of your home. In order to keep it as good as new, make sure you don’t pile up heavy stuff on top of it. Clean it with a glass cleaner in order not to damage its delicate finish. 


If we take proper care of our washing machine, it will do the same for us. Keep it clean and bacteria-free and it will provide you with neat, stainless and freshly washed clothes. 



Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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