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7 Smart ways to secure your home from burglary

Home sweet home! Your home is your sanctuary. If you remember Hannah Berbera’s classic, Tom and Jerry, Jerry’s goal was always to reach the safety of his home and thus escape Tom. When thinking about someone breaking into your home, it is not all about the material things they can steal, but the peace you will have taken away from you permanently. The following tips will help prevent this from happening to you.

Build a fence

A fence is a way of marking your turf. However, it does not have a sole purpose of showing the limits of your property but it is also there to keep the intruders on the outside. If you are putting up a fence for security reasons, do not fall into a trap of an ‘obvious’ choice. Unless you are planning on building a fortification, choose a fence which does not offer full privacy but can allow for the by-passers to see what is happening on the inside. A privacy fence is a good cover for the burglars to hide from the rest of the neighborhood. Remember, they do not want to be seen, not by you from the inside nor from anyone else on the outside. Make sure that your front gate locks and that the fence is tall enough so as to require some effort when jumping over. Even if they manage to get inside, they will not be able to take any of your larger belongings over the fence without being noticed. When it comes to your tiny valuables such as money or jewelry, keep them in a safe deposit box or an excellent secret place if you must.

Get a dog

Traditionally, people used to keep dogs for hunting and protection. Keep the old tradition and train your beloved pet to warn you of any intruders approaching. If it is an outside dog, it should not be restrained during the night or when you are not around. If your dog sleeps in the house, make sure it has a cozy spot on the ground floor where it could take notice of anything unusual happening. Even if you are not around, a barking dog will warn your neighbors that something is the matter, if nothing else, they will probably come out to shush the dog. Also, if you have a dog flap, make sure it comes with a locking mechanism.

Make sure you are always around

Not really but what this means is that you need to ensure that it is hard to determine when you are at home and when you are not. If you have a holiday planned, ask one of your friends or neighbors to collect your mail and your newspapers or cancel the subscription altogether. Ask your milkman not to come around for the length of your holiday if you trust them enough to confide in them that you will be away. Have someone take care of your garden while you are not around.

Keep everything neatly trimmed

Speaking of your garden, keep both your front yard and your backyard nicely trimmed. First of all, it will show that there are people living in the house. Secondly, a clean-cut garden will provide fewer hiding places for the burglars. You can keep them from climbing the trees and entering the house by cutting any branches close to the windows on your upper floor.

Keep your home well lit

Lights around the house increase visibility and thus make it more difficult for someone to approach unobserved. Lights inside the house mean that someone is in and awake. However, the best of all are sneaky lights. Install motion sensors with lights that switch on when someone approaches. This provides a surprise factor for the people braking in as well as a form of a visual alarm. Be sure that it is not too sensitive as your neighbor’s cats will drive you insane.

Lock for safety

No matter how well you build the fortification around your house, you should still make sure that no one gets into the house once they reach it. Choose top security front doors and windows and make sure they are locked unless you are in the room and you decide to open them. Get steel-line garage doors particularly if you do not have a fence around your house as loose garage doors could let an army into your home. Lock the inside doors leading to your garage and to your cellar. We all like having glassy back doors and you do not have to give them up as long as you have lockable shutters.

Install an alarm system

Again, this is an obvious choice of a security measure, but not yet adopted by all. Having an alarm system will help you sleep tight as nothing will go unnoticed. Also, the signs that say that the house is protected are a good burglar-deterrent.

As with a lot of other issues in life, when it comes to security, prevention is what you should primarily focus on. As long as you keep your house unattractive enough you are in the clear. Do not show off what you have and make your property look a hassle for breaking in.


Cate Palmer

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