7 Best Roofers In Halifax And Tips To Consider

When you make or build a house, office, or other buildings, one of the most important things to consider is roofing. To get the best roofing, you have to hire the best roofer. If you live in Halifax, one of the cities in the United Kingdom, there are so many roofers that you can consider. However, you cannot hire any roofer carelessly. That is why this article will discuss about the roofers in Halifax most recommended for you. So, you have to pay attention to this.

Tips in Hiring Roofers in Halifax

When hiring roofers, of course you want the economical one. However, you cannot rule out the quality. So, you have to choose the roofer you hire carefully. Of course, finding the best roofing in Halifax is not easy. You need to consider many factors so that you will not choose the wrong roofer. Anyway, do not worry because in this article, we will give some tips that can guide you all to find the best option of roofing found in Halifax, UK. The tips are:

  1. Read the Portfolio of the Company Carefully

Before you decide to choose a roofing company, you have to read the portfolio in detailed carefully. The portfolio can give you images of the company and help you analyze whether the company is appropriate for your need or not. By reading the portfolio, you can find the important information related to the detailed services, rates of the company, the products offered, etc. Furthermore, it also helps you compare one roofing company to another. Therefore, you can choose your desired roofer that meets what you need.

  1. Read Previous Customers

You have to explore the company details not only to know what it offers but also to know how experienced the roofing company is. In addition, you can also read the reviews from the previous customers that give their appraisal. Nowadays, finding the reviews about companies is easy. You just need to visit the official website of the company and read the reviews or commentary columns. So, you will know whether the roofer is satisfying or not. By reading the reviews from the previous customers, you can decide whether the roofer is appropriate for you or not more easily.

  1. Consider the Insurance

This consideration is also very important. When you look for a roofing company in Halifax, you have to make sure that they are insured. If they are verified by an insurance provider, it is impossible that they provide poor quality of roofing services. The insurance can show the quality, services, and other offers for the customers. Furthermore, you should prioritize the roofing company that is insured by a trusted insurer.

Most Recommended Roofers in Halifax

Because there are so many roofers that you can find in Halifax, you have to be careful in choosing and hiring them. The roofers may include personal roofer, roofing contractors, roofing company, etc. You have to consider their reputation, costs, trust, satisfaction, reviews, histories, and complains. By consider those factors, you can find the best one. Talking about the best roofers, in this article we will recommend the best choices for you all. So, you can compare the following recommended roofers and choose the most desired one.

  1. Eagle Roofing

There is one more top roofing company found in Halifax. They are Eagle Roofing. They provide any kind of services related to roofing such as re-roof, roof repairs, roof maintenance, etc. Even more, it can be considered as the no 1 roofer for you who live in Halifax. Furthermore, the working areas also include some other locations. Besides Halifax, they also work in Huddersfield as their own company location, Mirfield, Dewsbury, Marsden, and Holmfirth. This company is addressed on 37 Charles Street Crosland Moor Huddersfield HD4 5RR. If you want to contact them, you can call 01484460401 or message them to 07766912224. You can also send email to info@eagle-roofing.co.uk.

  1. L. Dufour Roofing Services LTD.

The experience of this roofing contractor cannot be doubted. They have been providing roofing services since 1975. What makes them become one of the most recommended choices is because they offer free estimate. Besides that, they also offer senior discount. In addition, you will also get 25 year up to lifetime warranty. Even more, they also offer full liability insurance. Their services include Seamless Gutters & ICE Shield installation, Proper Roof deck preparation, chimney repair & replacement, shingle roofs, residential flat roofs, and re-roof & repair services.

  1. Bluenose Roofing & Siding LTD.

Similar to Crown Roofing Specialists, this roofing contractor was also created in 2003. They offer so many services such as windows & doors, decks, siding, steel panel roofs, cedar shake roofs, standing seam roofs, metal roofs, pitched roofs, commercial flat roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, and metal roofs. One of the benefits is free estimation for any kind of roofing. They open from Monday to Friday from 08.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. Anyway, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most advised roofing contractors in Halifax.

  1. Sterling Roofing Group

This next best roofing company is Sterling Roofing Group. They specialize in commercial and residential roofing. They are insured fully with WCB coverage. They always provide the best quality of roofing with more than 25 years of experience. They offer free roofing estimation and also provide the services in 24 hours. This roofing company was established in 1995 so that you do not to be doubt of their experience.

  1. Halifax Roofing & Building Services

This roofing company is purposed for local and family run business in Halifax and the surrounding areas such as West of Yorkshire including Manchester and Leeds. They provide professional roofers and work for any kind of roof repair from small like guttering & fascia to large scale of re-roofs. They are purposed for both commercial and domestic customers that include alvadac rubber flat roofing system, insurance work, flat roofs, fencing, roofing services and roofing repair. Because they provide professional & high skilled roofers, their works have high standard to satisfy the customers.

  1. Ploughcroft Roofing and Renovations

This is the next roofing company that we recommend to you. They have more than 20 years of experience of working in roofing for both domestic & commercial projects. They also offer loft conversions, heritage work, re-roofing and other kids of roofing & renovations. With their experience, they can provide satisfaction to the customers. For more detailed services, you can pay attention to these:

  • They offer good value for budget solution & each member is committed to deliver perfect services.
  • They provide honest and open price as well as do excellent jobs.
  • They don’t employ salesman because they have experienced surveyors & building engineers.
  • They employ roofers that are trained well and they all have high skill in roofing.

For the covered areas, they include York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds, and surrounding areas.

  1. Accord Roofing

This company is also recommended so much. The services include renovations, roofing, extension, and barn conversion solutions. They have provided their roofing services since 1988 so that the experience is undoubted. This roofing company offers consistent quality, installations, and expert advice for new roofs repairs the existing roof structures, and also other roofing repairs in Halifax & surrounding areas.

With expert roofers, they provide roof slating, tiling, and maintenance requirements. They will also provide best materials and appropriate installation for any roofing project. This company focuses on new builds & rebuild roofing, roofing repairs, extension, renovation, and other services. They guarantee the customers’ satisfaction with their bests.

Their builders & roofers are also time served, qualified and fully skilled for any building & roofing related to projects in both commercial & residential environments. They specialize on Velux windows, fascia & external timbers, flat roof system, gutter related work, lead work and anything else attached to roofs of building. They provide solution for the customers with highest professional standards. Some of the benefits they offer are such as insurance work guaranteed, specialist in storm damage, and free estimates & advice.

  1. Crown Roofing Specialists

This roofing contractor was created in 2003. It means they have 24 years of experience in commercial and residential roofing. They specialize in Flat and Shingle Roofing. The services that they offer include shingle roofing & metal roofing, cedar roofing, slate roofing, clay roofing, flat roofing, residential roofing, commercial roofing, roof installation, roof clean, roof replacement, and re-roof. They also offer free estimate. They specialize in sheet and siding metal work. To provide satisfaction for the customers, they offer 24 hour emergency service. Considering what they offer, this can be considered as one of the best roofers in Halifax.


From those roofers in Halifax above, they have their own benefits. However, we can surely say that Eagle Roofing becomes the most recommended one. They can meet what you need for your roofing project. Hopefully, this will be useful and can guide you all.

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