Top Places To Go For Europe Travel To Make The Best Experience

Doing Europe travel is not a simple feat. We are talking about vast area of the world after all. So, it is important to make plan and sort out list of the best places to go for it. You’ve got to pick the right places if you want to make the worthiest traveling experience ever around Europe. So, let’s take some recommendations here and see what to expect from them. They are that of great place to pick.

#1 Best Place to Visit – Milan of Italy

You better not miss this place in your list. Milan is very interesting and vibrant place. There, you can expect to enjoy the atmosphere of the most modern and advanced city of Italy. Milan is a city of elegance and style. From its building to its fashion and design, it is the place where you can expect high expectations for. Worthy shopping is what you can be sure to experience there. The city has all tastes at all prices you can hope for.

#2 Best Place to Visit – Gdansk of Poland

Of all cities around Europe, we would say that Gdansk is pretty much a mysterious one to visit when doing Europe traveling. Located in unique location, this city has more than a thousand years’ history that shapes it into one that is simply expressive and distinctive compared to the others. It has its own spirit that just makes it different and cannot be resembled with. For place of great mysteries like this, it makes it worth to visit, indeed.

#3 Best Place to Visit – Vienna of Austria

You’ve got to have Vienna in your list too. It is one where you have to see its famous Ringstrasse which is recognized as the world’s most beautiful boulevard. The buildings, palaces, and parks sure can be amazing with great concentration of wealth, beauty, and elegance. There is also urban bar scene and modern architecture to enjoy yourself with along the Danube Canal. It truly is priceless city to include in your traveling plan.

#4 Best Place to Visit – Madrid of Spain

When it comes to Europe travel, we are sure that Madrid won’t be out of the choice. It is the city where both culture and entertainment thrive evenly. Indeed, the city is pretty much open minded type compared to the others. You can walk around the city during the day to discover all sorts of tourist attractions, shopping malls, and restaurants. However, the city also has lively, entertaining, and vibrant nightlife waiting at night.

#5 Best Place to Visit – Rome of Italy

If it is in Italy, you better not forget visiting Rome as well. It is the city that holds many treasures of Italy. It is also one that is pretty much surrounded by the history of Eternal City. You can expect to see and enjoy all sorts of things there, like the sea, nature, cuisine, history, art, and more. If you want to visit European city that is still rich in nature, this is the best one to go. There are hills, lakes, rivers, and vineyards along with the sea.

#6 Best Place to Visit – Paris of France

Out of all cities in France, Paris is a must to visit when traveling aboard. It is one of legendary cities that the world has to offer to us. What’s so interesting about it is that it has pleasing blend of both past and future with architects of 19th century and 21st century respectively. You will see how great its symmetrical layout with such design to put into account. To tell you the truth, the city is all the more beautiful with street lights at night.

#7 Best Place to Visit – Wild Taiga of Finland

Speaking about Wild Taiga, it is the city where to find rich tradition and strong culture. It is not only that. This city still has its evergreen forest growing and protected well enough. That is why you can still find even rare large beasts in it, like bears, wolves, and wolverines. It has aapa bogs and clean water too. Wild Taiga is the place with wealth in nature. It is perfect destination for Europe travel.

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