7 Asian Men Hairstyles For Those Who Don’t Want To Spend Too Much Time On Them

Would it be possible to spend a little time on our hair while still looking stylish all the time? You don’t have to worry for there are many Asian men hairstyles you can choose for that purpose. All you need to do to realize this hairstyle is to simply apply wax, hairspray it, and style it after that. See? It is possible to make new hairstyle within some minutes only. Let’s see some options below.

Asian Men Hairdo #1 – Short Two Block Style

As the name suggests, this hairstyle has you to make two blocks of hairs. They would be ones on the sides and lower back. To these parts, you will have to shave or shorten the hairs for fresh look. What about the crown hair then? For it, you can simply make it short or even leave it at medium length. Overall, this hairstyle will get you stylish look simply. Even with natural hair color, it will look naturally good on you.

Asian Men Hairdo #2 – Short Diagonal Style

Women are not the only one who can have sideway hairs across the forehead. For men, having diagonal cut in such way can actually benefit much to add edge to their hairstyle. It would be especially so to short hairs. As you might have imagined, this Asian hairdo for men is pretty much neat and tidy. While it might not be as casual as you think, this hairdo makes perfect quick pick for going to your workplace.

Asian Men Hairdo #3 – Short Textured Style

You can try similar Asian manly hairstyle that looks more casual and fresher for everyday life. To realize this style, you will first need to have textured short hair. Part the hairs from one side and comb them to the other side. Then, have angle cut on the forehead and you are done with it. Use hair product to keep the style in place without having to worry of the wind that might blow it away and mess it up throughout the day.

Asian Men Hairdo #4 – Undercut Style

Asian men hairstyles do vary in a great number. If you take a liking to undercut style, you’ve got to consider this one here. Have shaved undercut at just behind the ears. To avoid making all short style, you can just let the hairs on the head be and it will make good look along with shaved part. You can say that the style is pretty much cool for young men. You will be said to have high taste of fashion if you dress well along with it too.

Asian Men Hairdo #5 – Spiked Short Style

Do you think you should just go all neat and tidy for formal working look? Actually, even working people can look all cool and edgy with this style here. So, consider of spiking your hair and be sure to make it all textured so it can have better look that is just perfect for work. Use hair product too to this Asian men style of hairs and work on the hairs by pulling them at the middle. You will simply look classy with working suit.

Asian Men Hairdo #6 – The Mohawk Style

How about making Mohawk then? You will never go wrong with it. This hairstyle is pretty easy to deal with as well. Why not? Mohawk is pretty much flexible to be styled for it is perfectly great on those having either long or short hairs on the sides. Also, it is your freedom to choose either long or short spikes. Either way, you will still look good with this Asian style. There is no need to spend much time anymore to style on yourself.

Asian Men Hairdo #7 – Fringe Up Style

The last but not the least style you can try here is fringe up. For this one, we recommend you to go with medium length of hairs. Make the hairs on the sides and back of your head shorter than the ones on the crown. Then, be sure to add more texture and volume. So, apply wax on the fringe. See? Isn’t it easy? Asian men hairstyles won’t take much of your time and effort to be done on your hairs.

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