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6 Ways to Turn Your Small Home into an Arts Display

Size does in fact matter if you live in a small apartment or studio – or even in a slightly more spacious loft. There is only so much room available compared to the amount of creativity most of us wish to put to use, so we have to take advantage of all the space, especially the walls. Use your walls to show off a style and tell your visitors your story. The art you hang can do great things for a small space, if you do it right. Here are a few simple tips on how to best display your collection.


1. Let There Be Light


If you just moved into a new space or bought some new pieces of art, you might not be sure how to arrange it all. The best way to find the perfect place for a piece, is to test it out before hanging it anywhere. Let your chosen artwork sit in a space for a day or so. Instead of rushing to put it up, enjoy it for a while and see how it reacts to light. You need to see how it looks and feels against a certain wall once the light hits it – and that means daylight, the street light from outside, the light from your night lamp…all of it in order to create that wow factor.


2. Make a Statement

A small apartment can, but doesn’t necessarily give room for statement furniture. So if you can’t do it through that dramatic purple velvet armchair, or that stylish grouping of coffee tables you envisioned, focus on making a statement through art. Try to acquire some great pieces by searching for artists that have achieved this effect in their works. Having a large, bold piece won’t overwhelm your space if it’s hanging up on the wall. Choose minimalistic furniture with neutral colours and allow powerful, vibrant art to take centre stage. Monochromatic furniture can make your home soft and bright while blending in with most decor schemes, giving you the freedom to keep buying art without worrying if it will go with your sofa or rug.


3. Divide and Conquer Your Space

If your studio or loft has enough space to be divided up into more spaces, think about getting yourself some version of display panels. Real artists and galleries use them to display their works. You should consider investing in a practical soundproof room divider for your home to show off your pieces even if you are a mere mortal. They are easy to use, they allow for more space to exhibit art and the noise reduction feature is great in providing you with some additional peace and quiet in your home environment – whether you decide to divide up your working area, bedroom or even bathroom. They tend to be pedal-activated for mobility, and you can find some that come with doors and windows and other professional or artistic specifications.


4. Create a Big Illusion

Create an illusion and play with proportions by exaggerating the size of small photos by placing them in much larger frames. This technique will keep your wall looking clean and uncluttered. You can also mix in some larger pieces to hold the wall – these are called anchor pieces.


5. Don’t Be Boring

The most interesting walls are those that have range and contain lots of different types of artworks, such as photographs, paintings, drawing, travel souvenirs, or personal mementos like letters even. With this in mind, also remember that the less art you display, the more importance you are giving each and every piece.


6. Fake It till You Make It

Open up your space and fake a window. Small apartments don’t tend to come with an abundance of windows and natural lighting, so you have to rely on the old “fake it till you make it” technique. Try to find some pictures that will bring nature into your home or look for some shots that will make it seem as though you are gazing out at a snowy forest or sunny beach – which ever one works for you.

Art belongs in your tiny apartment as much as it belongs on a gallery wall – and it can look just as good. You just have to find simple and creative ways to make it work.


Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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