6 Engineering Careers For You With Highest Salary

There are many people who study at engineering. One of the reasons why they choose engineering department is because of the jobs in the future. In fact, there are more than 40 careers that can be applied by the graduates of engineering. From various careers available, most of them offer high salary. That is why an engineering graduate should choose the career carefully. Therefore, in this article we will share the engineering careers that offer the highest salaries. Then, you can consider applying one of them.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineer is one of the engineering jobs that offer highest salary. It is divided into 3 categories. The first is median staring career where the salary is around 74,240 dollars. The second is mid-career where the salary is about 123,320 dollars and the experienced petroleum engineer can get salary up to 186,520 dollars. Almost every year, there are new vacancies for this job. Even more, it is predicted that there will be many employees who are going to retire in the few years later. That is why many people are interested so much in it.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering also becomes one of the most popular engineering occupations available. The jobs are about to design, to test and to supervise the electrical equipment manufacturing. However, some careers related to this job are required to design electronic schematics for commercial & consumer use. The salary is different depending on the career level. If you are an electrical engineer for new graduate, you will earn about 57,330 dollars. If your career levels up, you become mid-career electrical engineer and will earn around 89,180 dollars.

Computer Engineering

The starting salary for median computer engineering is from 63,970 dollars. Computer engineering job focuses on computer hardware. Because it belongs to new field of engineering careers, there are still many jobs available in different companies. Even more, the needs of computer engineers will always be increased year to year. After years working as a computer engineer, your salary may be increased to be the mid-career wage where you can earn about 101,000 dollars up to 150,130 dollars. You can also look for the job vacancy of computer engineer that focuses on software engineering because sometimes it does not only focus on hardware. So, you have to be good at both software and hardware engineering skill.

Aerospace Engineering

If you are a graduate of aerospace degree, you can apply a job in aerospace engineering where you will earn from 65,450 dollars. The career will increase as the experience grows. So, after a few years, you may get the improved salary at about 103,720 dollars. This salary is high enough. That is why this career is interesting. Anyway, it can be considered as one of the engineering works with highest salary. So, are you interested in this career?

Chemical Engineering

If you work as a chemical engineer, the starting salary will be around 92,000 dollars. This job is usually available in the manufacturing & research areas. Chemical engineers do not only work focusing on chemical companies. However, they also work focusing on electronic, clothing, food, medicine, paper and some other kinds of manufacturing. If you are a chemical engineer, you can advance your career to technical sales as well as company management. After a few years, the career can grow and you can earn higher salary up to 154,840 dollars.

Material Engineering

Another best career of engineering with the highest salary is material engineer. The starting salary for a median material engineer is from 52,900 dollars. This job focuses on developing & testing materials that are used in industrial production & consumer products. Besides, they also work with fabrics & metal and also understanding the consumer product uses. If you work as a material engineer for long years, your career may grow and you will earn higher salary up to 85,150 dollars.

There are still many other engineering careers available. However, if you want to earn much money from engineering, you should prioritize applying one of those careers mentioned above. Working in engineering is exciting and useful for many people. Whatever the career you choose, you have to be proud of working in engineering.

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