5 Ways to Show Support for Minorities in a Divided America

The unjust killings and abuse of minorities by people in positions of power, or otherwise, has created a divided America. And rightfully so. There are minority groups taking to the streets daily to fight back to change the system, or to get justice for those killed or abused unjustly. The question is, “Will the divide ever end?”

Sadly, there is no end in sight when it comes to our divided America. A survey found that around 69 percent of Americans think that the race relationships we have today are not good at all. Even as the Black Lives Matter movement pushes forward, the divide is still clear in our country.

“Seventy percent of African-Americans are sympathetic to the movement, compared with only 37 percent of whites,” Giovanni Russonello of The New York Times noted. “Among all Americans, 41 percent agree with the movement, 25 percent disagree and 29 percent do not have an opinion either way.”

Let take a deeper look at how all of us can show support for minorities in a divided America.

1. Get educated about what is really happening

This is a very important first step in showing support and assisting minorities in times of racial divide in America. This means really diving into the history of minorities, like researching and learning more about slavery and the injustices that continue to affect minorities today. Some researchers even say that PTSD lives on through the ancestors of slaves.

Also get educated about the movements and daily happenings when it comes to minority injustices. And don’t simply get it from one news source. Go to the communities, read local news, and strike up conversations to learn more about what is really happening, not just what you hear or see on top global news channels.

2. Take on institutions that are not racially diverse

One way to break through the divided America we have today and show support for minorities is to help diversify the institutions around you. For instance, next time you go to the office, have a look around and see if minorities and the communities around your work are really represented properly. If not, say something.

The Harvard Business Review explained, “Pay attention to diversity research showing the advantages of adopting a learning orientation: Organizations and individuals benefit when exposed to differences.”

You can take it a step further and create a committee for racial equality in schools, local governments, societies, and associations in your local community and beyond. By diversifying institutions, you are shifting the norm to break down the divide.

3. Start creating new, real relationships

While educating yourself about the racial divide in America, you may meet minorities that you otherwise wouldn’t have. This is excellent, because you are now in a position to expand your network from what may be the racial norm for you.

Create real relationships with people who are different than you, and share one another’s cultures. This creates a bond that is genuine, real, and could potentially last a lifetime. Sometimes supporting minorities isn’t about support, but true friendship.

4. Actively help change the way policing is done

You have seen the videos of minorities being unjustly beaten or shot on the news. It may even be happening far from your community. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in your community, it just may not be reported. To ensure this is not happening, actively seek to change how policing is done locally.

Simply passing regulations that require police to have a 4-year college degree can decrease police brutality by up to 10 percent. A study published almost 10 years ago in Police Quarterly (2010) found, “The results of the analysis indicate that higher education carries no influence over the probability of an arrest or search occurring in a police— suspect encounter. College education does, however, significantly reduce the likelihood of force occurring.”

5. Find the right people to make a change happen

It can seem pretty overwhelming when trying to make a change in your community when it comes to racial divide, injustice, and more. However, by finding the decision makers and getting them to listen to you can make the change happen faster. Look at your top community leaders, as well as the top business owners. Those are usually those who have power.

Are you ready to make change happen and support minorities?

The above ways to support minorities in a divided America are only the tip of the iceberg. The truth is, change is pretty challenging, but by starting now, employing the above, you can make a difference. How are you making a difference? We want to hear from you.

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