5 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your Employees

“Great things never come from the comfort zones” – This is one term that you may have heard a number of times. But as an employer this may have quite a different connotation for you.

For the success of your business, your employees who are the driving force of your business must push themselves beyond their comfort zone and for that they will require motivation. Motivating the team happens to be a challenge but for the well-being of the company it is a priority. Your employees will ensure the sustenance and success of your business in the long run. Hence you have to make sure that you keep them motivated on a daily basis.

A motivating ambience happens to be something where the employees keep pushing their limits and it is much more effective than what any boss could ever do.  It is where people are giving their best when no one is watching. An inspiring milieu will make the employees work hard because they desire to and not because they have to. Here are some of the ways in which you can boost up your employees. Just read on how you can go about it.

  • Offer Meaningful Work – The most vital thing that a leader can do is to ensure that the work that is done by every employee is a meaningful one. By this meaningful task it implies work that contributes to the success of the business. Every employee should feel that they are making a difference, and this makes their job quite an energizing task for them

On the other hand, there is nothing worse than the feeling that tells that your work does not matter. Every employer has some discretion in minimizing or eliminating the non-value-added work that flows into the system and work that is in excess or is not necessary should not be allowed and should be cut short or done away with without delay.

Ensuring the work to be meaningful happens to be the best kind of job security that any leader can offer the team which motivates them to give their best.

  • Schedule Activities for Team Building – For motivating the team you may need to offer more than just some vacation time and a salary. You must ensure that your employees can work as a team for achieving the same goal and there is no better way to accomplish this except for the team building activities. Your team building activities should not just bring the employees together but should also –
  • help them develop better skills of communication
  • push their limits
  • enhance their problem-solving abilities
  • develop team values
  • enable them to improve their leadership skills
  • offer them a chance to seize every moment and have fun

Team-building activities should include a number of perks. Some of the, are mentioned below-

  • Contributing to a charitable cause
  • Taking a call to know and understand each other better
  • Getting all the employees out of the office for doing something exciting or fun
  • Discuss More and Encourage Transparency – Even if it is full of cubicles your workplace should not be silent. Offices should be enlivening and breathing ambience where people collaborate and work hand in hand to create interesting new ideas that can push the company forward. This cant be made possible if the employees do not communicate regularly with each other or managers do not consistently converse with their employees.

The HR of every company should make it a point to instruct the managers at all levels to keep the communication lines open for the employees. They can do this by holding individual or regular team meetings and recognizing the employees for the great work.  Rewarding employees for their good work in the form of formal rewarding and recognition program happens to be a type of non-verbal communication that motivates them to a great extent. In return, this can inspire the fellow co-workers and give rise to a more productive office atmosphere which in turn, can contribute to the improvement of the company’s bottom line.

  • Let Them Work in Flexible Hours and Remotely – Working remotely has become a trend these days. In fact, allowing the employees to work remotely in flexible hours can–
  • enhance their efficiency
  • drive their productivity
  • encourage their morale
  • reduce the stress levels
  • cut your overhead
  • decrease the employee turnovers
  • augment their engagement
  • have an optimistic impact on the environment

If you let your employees to work remotely within the flexible hours, then you are contributing to the global phenomenon that is believed to be the future. This is a big motivator for the young employees who by the flexible and fun working atmosphere have a much more optimistic view about their company and the bosses that they work for.

  • Show the Appreciation – The small occasional remarks like “good job” or a “thank you” can go a long way for the employees. When the company achieves a milestone, you should organize an enjoyable event by hiring a reputed and efficient event organization company and celebrate the event together with the employees. You can also show the team that you care personally by wishing them on their birthdays, promotions, weddings and births. This pushes them to achieve efficient and high-quality work ethic. They will be motivated to contribute more and push their limits for these little gestures. What’s more! You can also take your employees out for team-meals and after-office dinner from time to time to make them realize that they are important for the company and that you as an employer value them.

In today’s fast-paced world, employee turnover is a big concern as people change jobs every few years to keep up with the relentless rat-race. You should keep it in mind that your employees are the building blocks of your business and in order to carve out a niche and succeed in the industry you have to look after them both financially and emotionally and develop a sense of belonging among them. By considering employee training and engagement, you can stem the tide to some extent.

Corporate structures are transforming by the day and as an employer you should consider ways to survive this. With the help of the tips mentioned above you can keep up by rewarding, celebrating and motivating your employees so that they take the conscious decision of sticking to your business through thick and thin.

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