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5 Ways to Give Your Home a Fresh and Modern Update

For some people, making a home look modern entails expensive remodels and new expensive decor purchases. But that’s not always true. In fact, you don’t even have to bring down the walls and replace every little thing with their contemporary counterparts to achieve this look.

You can achieve a modern-looking home by updating a few key areas, which are not as expensive as one imagines.

Here are the key switches you can make to give your home a fresh and modern take, on a budget.

Switch Traditional Artwork with a Contemporary One

You might love your framed flowers or that portrait of horses, but you probably want to move them to another place. Instead, hang up modern artwork, often in the form of abstract painting to give the area an instant, new look. But don’t opt for any artwork though. You need to find one that matches the look and colour scheme of the room to give the space a seamlessly modern look.

Go Simple

A cluttered living space hardly makes it modern-looking. Contemporary design can be visible on simplicity — clean lines, uniform shapes, and one dominant colour. Make sure that your new curtains match the look of your couch and that you pick modern nightstand lamps over traditional lamp designs that match the look of the entire space. You want the area to look unified by selecting elements that go together.

Sleek but With Pops of Color

Although you want the space to look uniform and straightforward, you can still play with colours as long you keep it a minimum. Colour contrast, like for example black and white combination, makes the living area look more modern other than sticking with dull colours. You need to stick to your colour scheme and pick a few things that you can highlight without breaking the look.

Functional Aesthetics

Modern design marries function and style seamlessly, so it’s best to pick furnishings that resonate with this principle. A coffee table with hidden drawers fall under this category, and so are sleek stainless shelves that you can use for both decorative and functional purposes.

Color them Bright

If you’re on about to repaint your walls, it’s time to decide on a more modern colour. White is always the safest bet, but if you want to pick a bolder hue but with a hint of contemporary flair, you can opt for bright blue or canary yellow. The same goes for your furnishings. Opt for a bright coloured couch or decor to go against the white wall. Avoid muted colours as they tend to make a home look more traditional rather than modern.

Go Horizontal

Another instant update that you can do to achieve a modern look is to keep things in horizontal position, particularly with how you arrange your books. The traditional way of positioning books on the shelf has always been vertical, but by going against the norm and putting them straight up, the bookshelf takes on a more updated look. Also, give them space from one another and set up a few decors to implement the look.


A modern-home needs to be thoughtful but simple and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve this look. A few simple updates, most of which you can DIY and are relatively cheap, can lend your home a modern flair.

Kate Sanders

Kate Sanders

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