5 Tips for selecting the most romantics space

Couples, soon to be wedded, or we can say love-birds always look for places where they can cherish their love and make the meeting more memorable. In the start of their relationship they have a lot of places, but with time they find it difficult to select a romantic space.

We agree it’s not simple to find the most enticing romantic place to surprise your partner. You have a lot of things in your mind while searching for the perfect place. No need to Stress out! Here, we are giving you some of the amazing tips to select the most romantic space.

Look for a Short Distance place

Taking time out for a long trip might not be suited for all. Therefore, look for places which you can easily communicate on weekends. A place where you can reach in 6-hour or less will be the best one. It will give you more couple time by saving on travel time. And a road-trip is even the best start of a romantic holiday. It will build more excitement and keep the element of surprise intact.

Choose Romantic Getaway

Look for destinations known for best romantic getaways and provides all the special touches to plan your trip, such as couple massage, chocolates, flowers, champagne, etc. This is the time when you both will be enjoying each other’s company, far away from the busy lives. Just the two of you, so make the most of it. Plan something different to make it even a memorable getaway.

Look Out for Good and Bar Services

If your partner always wanted to go to a place where he/she can enjoy the pool by the bar-side, and then look for the same. Good food and bar services will let you snuggle the whole time.

Look Out for Fun Activities

Try out the fun activities available in the area. In case you want to do something in specific like skiing, kayaking, biking, etc. then make sure the place you choose offers the same. Do the research in advance, plan everything accordingly and surprise your partner.

Arrange Candlelight Dinner

This might sound very common but it always works the wonders. Arrange a candlelight dinner; decorate the place with flowers, balloons etc, order the food your partner likes, along with the beverage and dessert. Let it be a surprise! Just tell your partner to get ready and then took him/her to the place. Your partner will love it. 

Depending on your partner’s taste and choices you can make the arrangements and do all the planning well in advance. Here are some of the places which you will love to explore:

  • Honeymoon Villa

Honeymoon villa can be a great idea for you and your partner to have a romantic time together. You can search online and will find several such places. If privacy matters to you, then this can be the best romantic space that you can have. You can even surprise your partner by booking it without their knowledge and just take them there.

  • Visiting Your Favorite Places

If you love travelling, you might have explored many places and have some of your favourite places too. Plan for a long drive took your partner to your favourite place. Tell him/her why it’s your favourite or in case you know their favourite place, you can plan a trip there. Surprise them! Let them relive their old memories and help them in creating new ones with you.

  • Go for Beach Side Dinner

If you live in a place, where the beach is easily accessible, then do plan for a beach side dinner in a private place. This can be the most romantic place one can plan for. Your partner will be amazed by looking at the venue and will be overwhelmed while sitting there.

If the beach is not accessible, plan for a nearby place, look for resorts that can provide similar facilities and surprise your love. Have a beach side walk with your partner, talking while the water touches your feet, cool air blowing your hairs and both of you laughing. What else one needs! Make sure there is no rain or else it may spoil the whole plan.

  • Surprise at Home

Do remember your special days and celebrate them in your own style. This will help you in getting the brownie points and will make the day even more memorable. Decorate your house, especially your bedroom in the most romantic way. Cook yourself or order your partner’s favorite food. Welcome him/her with a welcome drink and give one surprise after another to just make them feel WOW!

We hope these will help you in finding the most romantic space or turning the simplest one into the best one. In case you have any other amazing ideas, feel free to share with us.


Diane Casper

Diane Casper is the writer here. She has been writing for Grandview Farms San Jose from past 2 years. She blogs about all the good things in life. She loves to ride her bike, practice yoga and throw dinner parties.

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