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5 Tips to Follow the Do-It-Yourself for Drain Repair

A clogged drain can breakdown at any time if you do not handle it properly. If you do not have any plumbing experience, it is best to avoid any do-it-yourself drain repair. Learn how to care for the plumbing system to avoid plumbing emergency. Homeowners must also know when to call the professional for plumbing related work. At times, plumbing clogs might slowly build up where you notice water draining very slowly and gradually.


Clogged plumbing can cause tremendous inconvenience, giving you nightmare. Whether you pick the drain cleaning liquid, plunger or call up a professional depends on the kind of work required for the project. If you are confident about repairing the drains, you may follow the do-it-yourself tips.

Should You Consider Do-It-Yourself Drain Repair?

Well, if the drain is just moderately clogged, you can also use a drain cleaner at your home. The best way for you to clear the drain is using homemade remedies rather than buying chemicals from the market. You may use a half cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar and pour them down the drains. Let the mixture stay for 3 hours and loosely change the drain cover. If the slow drain is just due to grease accumulation, you can pour ½ cup baking soda and half cup salt. This must be followed by pouring hot water. It must be allowed to sit overnight. If things are so simple, then the repair work can be done without calling a plumber.

What to Do When the Do-It-Yourself Drain Repair Fails?

If the do-it-yourself drain repair fails, the next thing you can do is working on the overflow vent. Use a wet cloth to cover the overflow opening. Well, most of the kitchens do not have overflow vent but if working on the side-by-side basis, you may plug the drain opening of the basin with the wet cloth. Homes having two bathrooms in the adjacent rooms may also be connected. Just block the basin at the overflow vent and the drain. To let the plunger function properly, you must cover the overflow vents.

Using a Plunger for Drain Repairs

Fill up the clogged basin with water so that the plunger’s head is covered. Use petroleum gel to coat the plunger lip. Now, slide the plunger cup over the opening of the drain and pump the plunger up and down. These repetitions will help you unblock whatever blocks have been caused.


Make Use of Snake or Drain Chemicals

When carrying out a drain repair, it can happen that plunger fails to remove the clog. You may then use the chemical drain opener. If the drain is totally blocked, you will need to avoid using any chemicals as that can cause damage to the fixtures. You may use auger wire by removing the pop-up stopper from the clogged drain. When feeding the flexible wire, you need to crank the handle of the device. Keep turning the auger wire while moving it back and forth if the wire encounters anything inside. Turn the handle continuously and withdraw the auger slowly.

When to Summon a Plumbing Professional?

If the drain clog is dangerous and is extremely stubborn, you will need to summon a qualified plumber for the drain repair. A qualified plumber will have all the needed experience and training in the work. The plumber will come with the needed tools to carry out the work.

professional plumber

Get your pipes and drains professionally cleaned as prevention is better than cure. Cover the sink drain and shower drain with the strainer to avoid materials and hairs from entering.


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