5 Keys to Decking Out Your New Garage

If you’ve just moved to a new house with a bigger garage, or had one built, you might be considering all kinds of options. If you have space, your new garage could double as a man-cave, workshop, or home office. The important thing is maximizing it for comfort and space so it can become more than just indoor parking. Here are some tips to deck out your garage.

Concrete Paint

Consider having the floor painted. You can find good concrete paint in any hardware or home improvement store in a variety of colors. A good sealing paint will preserve the concrete and resist staining from spilled oil or grease. You could even hire a professional to do unique color splatters, geometric designs, or your favorite mural/logo.

Adequate Lighting

Good lighting is important no matter what you want to do with your garage. There are all kinds of LED lighting products available, but fluorescent lighting is still favored in most garages. You can find fluorescent fixtures eight feet long or more. Make sure you have adequate light where you’ll need it, such as over workbenches, pool tables, or whatever purpose you devote the extra space to. At least one largish, energy-efficient window might also help to brighten the place and add some healthy natural light.

Make It Comfortable

If you plan on spending a lot of time in your garage, make sure it won’t be a hardship. Unless you paid to have ducts run from your household HVAC system, you’ll have to provide some electric heating. Gas heaters can be unsafe without plenty of ventilation. You may also want to put up some insulation or lay some all-weather carpeting on the floor as a barrier against cold ground temperatures.

More Power

Installing extra electrical outlets is an advantage you won’t regret. You’ll want to check your local building codes, but some areas will allow you an outlet every six feet. This will enable you to run everything you need, from your power tools for projects to fans, stereos, and even a window AC unit to make your surroundings more pleasant. At least one 220-volt circuit is a good idea if you plan on using heavier equipment like welders.

Utilize Space

When it comes to maximizing your space, think floor-to-ceiling. Most homeowners use their garages for storage. Think about over-head racks that can support bins or containers from a company like Commercial Hardware. Keep them labeled to make finding things easier. Vertical metal lockers would be a good choice for storing valuable items or combustible chemicals like fuels and solvents.

Whatever usage you want from your new garage, do the planning first. If you don’t have the space and comfort, you’ll never be happy with the changes.

Kate Sanders

Kate Sanders

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