5 Fun Kitchen Gadgets for Beginners

For beginners in the kitchen, the thought of crafting complex dishes may seem daunting. There are so many tools to choose from, each with a different purpose. To make it worse, no one seems to tell you which tool does what or how to use them. How in the world are you supposed to create a feast when you can’t even figure out which knife to use?

Cooking itself can be difficult, but don’t let the tools themselves be the things holding you back from becoming a cooking master. Instead, try these 5 kitchen gadgets that are fun and will make cooking easier!

1.) Animal Oven Mitts

Why use plain old, cloth oven mitts when you can use something much more colorful and interesting! These animal oven mitts come in many different colors and animal types, such as cows, pigs, or dogs.

These fun oven mitts are made of silicone, making them easy to clean, and the insides of the animals mouth’s are textured to ensure a solid grip. Don’t worry about dropping pans or scrubbing stains with these silicone oven mitts!

Make cooking safe with these animal oven mitts that are heat-resistant up to 425° F and dishwasher safe. Find them on Amazon!

2.) Citrus Juice Sprayer

This fun, unique gadget allows you to flavor drinks, season salads, seafood or other recipes with a light spray of citrus. The easy-to-use screw like design can be inserted into the fruit while the juice fills the filter through small holes in the sprayer.

To use, simply cut off a small piece of the peel, screw the citrus sprayer into the fruit, squeeze the fruit gently and press down upon the spray head. In addition, this fun kitchen gadget is made of silicone, dishwasher safe and comes apart for easy cleaning.

Find the Citrus Juice Sprayer on Amazon!

3.) Stuffed Burger Press

Love the taste of stuffed burgers but not sure you can make them on your own? You can with a stuffed burger press. This simple device makes it easy to create the stuffed burgers of your dreams. Featuring a patty sized mold that is easy to clean, you can grill, bake or pan fry your perfect stuffed burger.

To use, simply press your ground meat of choice into both sides of the mold, leaving a small space for the filling. Add the filling in the center and press both sides of the mold together. Voila, amazing stuffed burgers. Impress your guests and your taste buds with this fun kitchen gadget. 

4.) Pancake Pen

If you are the artsy type, or want to get your kids involved in breakfast making, this pancake pen will make breakfast a blast. The silicone pour tip allows for precision drawing, so you can easily create fun pancake shapes with just a squeeze. Create the perfectly round pancake or a unique piece of art. You can even add food coloring to the batter to give your pancakes something special.

The pancake pen also features clear measurement markings for accurate measuring and a heat resistant tip up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the pancake pen can be taken apart for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Create pancakes that will amaze with the pancake pen!

5.) Joie Meow Measuring Cups – 3PC

These measuring cups are purrfect for the cat-lover turned baking enthusiast. Shaped like kitties, these measuring cups come complete with easy grip tail handles and adorable legs that give the cups stability.

These adorable Meow Measuring cups are made of melamine, making them dishwasher safe, and come in ¼, ½, and 1 cup sizes.

Get your bake on with these fun, playful measuring cups!

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