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5 Effective and Efficient Ways to Deal With Blocked Drains

The main reasons why home owners’ drains get blocked are throwing all kinds of garbage down their sinks and drains. This causes a major build-up in the drains, leading to blocked drains and even leaks or cracks in the pipes. By being careful about what you throw down your drains and regularly cleaning your drains, you can avoid this blockage in your drains.

Few easy ways to deal with your blocked drains

  1. Use a plunger

One of the easiest and most basic ways to unblock your drain is to use a basic plunger. You can buy this from any departmental or local store. If the clogging is deep and caused by materials like dirt, grime, hair and food wastes, you can easily unclog your drains by using a plunger. You can even pour some boiling water down your drains first, as this will loosen up the particles and make it easier for the suction of the plunger to work effectively. The time and cost of this method of unclogging your drains is minimal, and you can do it yourself without the need of a professional.

  1. Baking soda and vinegar

Create a simple mix of 1/3rd cup of baking soda and 1.3rd cup of vinegar. This mixture will immediately start to fizz. Pour this mixture down your drains as quickly as possible before the fizz dissipates. This fizz helps to loosen up the particles of dirt and grime which make it easier to clear out. Keep this overnight, and then flush it down with hot water. This should help in unclogging and removing the blocked particles in your drain.

  1. The bent wire hanger

This is another Do It Yourself method which is easy and effective. All you will need is a clothes hanger which is made of wire. Straighten out the wire of the hanger as much as possible using your hands. Then, using your hands or a plier, bend one side of the wire to create a small hook. Use this as a fishing hook to remove any pieces of hair, grime or other materials. Be careful not to push the gunk down further but just pull it out. Use hot water to clear out the rest of the grime and your drains will be effectively unclogged.

blocked drains

  1. Baking soda and salt

Another quick home remedy for your blocked drains is to use the combination of baking soda with salt. Mix 1 cup of baking soda with half a cup of salt and pour this down your drains. Leave it overnight. The following morning, pour some hot water down the drain. This combination helps to loosen up the tight particles of dirt and grime and the hot water helps to flush the particles down. After this flush, your drains should be unclogged and ready to be used again.

  1. Chemicals

If your drains are really blocked, you will need to resort to using chemicals to unclog them. However, it is important to use these chemicals very carefully as they are harsh and can harm your drains as well as harm you. You can even call in a professional who are trained to take care of these issues in a professional manner without causing more harm.

The most important thing is to ensure that you do not cause any future clogging of your drains. Avoid throwing your wastes down the drains because it causes a lot of blockages which can be quite harmful and difficult to treat. If the blockage is too deep, you will need to call for a professional who can unclog your drains with their professional tools.

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