24 Hour Emergency Dentist- How to Choose?

While people usually act promptly to procure the services of a physician to aid in the management of medical emergencies, they more often tend to neglect their dental health needs. However, the truth is that your  mouth is an essential organ of your body and harbors the most number of micro-organisms in our body. In fact,  our teeth are constantly subjected to a wide variety of stresses. As a result, dental emergencies may arise anytime. Even people who maintain the highest standards of oral hygiene may suffer a cracked tooth from a fall, or through other forms of trauma.

An emergency dentist is basically a dentist specialized to handle an expansive array of pressing dental problems. 24 Hours Emergency Dentists are available on call during the day, and at night for all 365 days of a year to provide immediate dental solutions to their patients’ problems.

When Do You Need the Services of an Emergency Dentist?

    • Displaced or Missing Fillings: Fillings provided by dentists to restore decayed tooth surfaces may break or get displaced after the passage of time, owing to the stresses subjected on them, mostly during chewing and crushing food. This results in severe toothaches and discomforts while eating, and may necessitate a visit to a 24 Hours Emergency Dentist. If left untreated, a broken filling exposes enamel and dentin leading to further tooth decay, and even, higher grade infections. In such cases, a dentist usually performs a fresh filling after removing the residual debris or inserts a prosthetic crown.
    • Tooth Loss: This comprises the most frequent reason for availing the services of a 24 Hours Emergency Dentist. When a tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth shift towards the vacated space to spoil the overall harmony of your oral structures. Also, if left vacant for a long duration, the socket that held the tooth within the jawbone diminishes in density, making it further difficult for your dentist to insert a prosthetic tooth. When you report to your dentist immediately following the loss of a decayed tooth, he or she could provide a dental implant which offers same functions and forms a natural tooth. A long delay will fetch you only a removable prosthesis.


  • Dental Surgeries: For removal of unfavorably located or partially erupted wisdom teeth resulting in cuts and causing food to get lodged between teeth.
  • Re-Implantation: When you suffer from trauma such as a fall or a blunt-force accident leading to your tooth coming out of its socket, it may be re-implanted in its socket by an emergency dentist within 30 minutes of the incident. A tip would be to preserve it in milk or saline to prolong its viability for re-implantation.
  • Chiseled Out Crowns: When only a portion of your crown has been chipped off in an accident and you’re concerned about the appearance of your smile, a 24 Hours Emergency Dentist might be able to help you. He or she will apply a laminated veneer of resilient tooth-colored material to restore the elegance of your smile.
  • Swellings of Various Forms: The lack of proper hygiene and indulgence in smoking and other adverse habits predisposes you to develop swellings in various regions of your oral environment. Gum swellings resulting from infections can be very painful and commonly accompany pus formation, sometimes forcing to seek the services of an emergency dentist. A severe infection, Ludwig’s Angina may occur in the region beneath the chin causing a swelling big enough to block a part of your airway. Various tooth-borne infections can spread within the bone to cause debilitating swellings on the jaws.
  • Emergency Root Canal Treatments: When you encounter an excruciating toothache that extends to your head and doesn’t let you sleep, you might need the services of a 24 Hours Emergency Dentist to have all the blood vessels and nerves of the affected tooth taken out.

Guidelines for Choosing A 24 Hour Emergency Dentist

  • The dentist’s office should be located in close proximity to your residence.
  • An ideal 24 Hours Emergency Dentist should be well-qualified with skilled prowess in all specialties of dentistry, particularly in spheres of the prosthesis, restoration, and
  • An emergency dentist’s office should be equipped with devices utilizing the latest technology, and also preferably, house a basic life support system to facilitate cases of severe trauma. You never know, when and how misfortune strikes.

Thus, availing the services of an emergency dentist comprises an essential measure in safeguarding your and your family dental health. It is imperative to note that a nearby emergency dentist’s services ought to be secured before the occurrence of an accident, and not following it.

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