2018 Kitchen Trends That Are Blowing Out the Competition

Do you like feeling like you are at a coffee shop?  Do you like elements from past and present?  How about tons of textures?  Convenient dish washing sinks?  Smart technology in the kitchen?  Streamlined design and semi-formality?  If all of these things sound great to you, then you will love the 2018 kitchen trends.  The modern kitchen look is going out.  The new kitchen is a blended mashup of new and old with tons of personality and texture.  Here are the 2018 Kitchen Trends That Are Blowing Out the Competition:

  1. Banquette Seating

Banquette Seating

Banquette seating is coming in hot right now.  People are loving a casual coffee shop feel in their kitchen.  There is something about sitting on a couch or booth with a table in front of you that is relaxing and rejuvenating.

  1. Mixing New and Old Elements

kitchen interior design

Mixing new and old elements is huge with kitchen interior design right now.  What this consists of, is having industrial and natural elements together.  A perfect example of this is having an old looking stove exhaust hood with natural wood cabinets around it.  Another example of this would be having brass sink faucets with marble countertops.

  1. Having Loads of Textures

textures in kitchen

Textures bring excitement and dimension to a room.  Having lots of textures is hard to do, but if you can pull it off, it’s worth it.  With kitchens featuring: unfinished and finished wood, marble, old metals, polished tile, brass, porcelain, and loads of other textures all in the same kitchen, 2018 is seeing an explosion of personality.

  1. Eat-In Kitchen Tables

kitchen tables

“Eat-in” kitchen tables are essentially just tables that are in the kitchens themselves.  With crazy hectic schedules, and running the kids around, families want a formal feel without the time-consumption of formal dining rooms.  They get the best of both worlds with eat-in kitchen tables.

  1. Get Rid of Islands

Eat-in kitchen tables are essentially becoming the modern island.  The island was famous for convenience as a quick way to prepare food right in the kitchen.  The island, however, lacks personability and formality.  Meals eaten on the island involve family members not facing each other and it lacks the “family-home for dinner” feel that is so important.

  1. Neutral Colors

kitchen tables

With all of the blending of old and new elements with tons of textures, a good aesthetic would not be possible without neutral colors.  Neutral colors allow all of these seemingly different elements to blend in really well to create the perfect mood.

  1. Open Shelves

open shelves

Open shelves speak to the convenient-minded.  Ever forgot where you put a dish?  I definitely have.  Open shelves give the illusion of extra space in your kitchen and adds extra personality by letting kitchenware stand in as part of the design.

  1. Out with Double Bowl Sinks

double bowl sink

It is commonly recognized now that dish-washers are king and hand-washing is out.  Due to this, less and less people feel a need to have split double sinks anymore.  It is becoming more and more common to see one very big sink.

  1. Streamlined Designs

streamlined designs

This section is one of the most important aspects of the 2018 trend.  You won’t see a lot of handles or insets on cabinets in 2018.  People are streamlining their design as much as possible.  This includes putting design covers on their appliances so that they don’t have a giant stainless steel appliance that ruins their design aesthetic.

  1. Natural Unpolished Wood is Here to Stay


People are making a statement by refusing heavily polished and finished woods.  The unpolished wood look adds a natural feel to a kitchen.

  1. Smart Technology

smart technology

Integrated lighting and music creates the perfect mood.  Smart appliances are booming right now.  Installed iPads, and the Google Home in the kitchen, allow owners to find recipes and order products with the touch of the button, or on voice-command.

  1. LED Lighting

LED lighting speaks to the customization clientele.  LED lights come in strips, bars, at any length, and in many colors for the perfect light in the perfect location to set the perfect mood.  Most kitchen owners in 2018 are putting these under cabinets for a highlight/outline effect.


In conclusion, we are moving into a new era where technology, convenience, and personality dominate.  Kitchen trends follow this.  Whether it’s throwing together an old brass texture with a streamlined wood finish, or putting in table booths and eat-ins directly in the kitchen, 2018 is sparking innovation in the design industry.


Tyler Dahl

Tyler Dahl

Tyler Dahl is a freelance writer and interior designer who has been writing for various design websites including interior design and graphic design for the last couple of years. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and going camping.

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