13 Items for the Best Home Living Experience as a Twenty-Something

Arranging your home isn’t a subject taught in college. Home styling depends on the person, but some 20-somethings aren’t aware how their interior impacts them. Their needs and wants are factors that influence their home experience.

The same goes for challenges. Salary, frequency from moving to a different neighborhood as well as acquired palette all influence living experience and house improvements. This year, regroup and rethink your sanctuary. Include these items in your home decoration checklist. A avida towers centera becomes ten times better to live in when you add the essential home items in each of the rooms.


Besides the living room and the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in your home. It’s also the place where you cleanse your body and get relief from the day’s stress. It’s also where you pamper yourself! Thus, every 20-something must have a grown-up, sparkling and polished bathroom where plastic caddies aren’t welcome anymore.

  1. A set of matching towels

Kitchen towels aren’t substitutes for hygienic use. Look for the ones with the several number of weaves as well as those made of organic materials. Go for fabrics and colors that are easy-to-wash as you must replace the set after three to four washes.

  1. Toothbrush holder

Of the bathroom accessories that accumulate gunk, the toothbrush holder tops the list. Since it houses your dental hygiene equipment, you have to ensure it’s squeaky clean too. Your trusted Solo cup won’t cut it. Good thing you can use the small ceramic cups from the kitchen. Storing Q-tips has never been this chic.

  1. Tissue box cover

The patterned boxes are pretty and impressive, but they’re still tissue containers. A tissue box or roll cover that matches the accessories or theme of your bathroom looks sleek in front of the vanity. The right material and color transform the look of your WC counter.

  1. Fabric shower curtain

The shower curtain can be the focal point of a bathroom. Therefore, it’s best to hang a curtain that isn’t clear, plastic or with cringe-worthy patterns such as cartoonish flowers and the ever-present world map. The plastic liners only exist to prevent water from splashing on the floor. Hanging a floor length fabric curtain keeps your plastic liners out of sight while enhancing the aesthetic of your bathroom. You can choose from the different textiles, patterns, and shades to use as a curtain. Cotton and linen are the most durable of the bunch of fabrics. It’s the cheapest and most customizable way to upgrade the look of the area.

  1. Trash and Storage Bins

The little, plastic bin is for the kitchen. Instead of relying on the heavy-duty and bulky trash receptacle, it’s better to use a woven basket. It adds texture, freshness and an element of nature indoors. The woven, eco-friendly storages is a stylish way to sort bathroom essentials into categories.

  1. Bath mat

A proper bath mat is a must to prevent a mess during a bath. It’s also a great preventive measure against accidents and slips.


As you get free from studying, exams, and other collegiate requirements, you get more time for your family and friends. Hosting brunches, dinners, and picnics is an integral part of socializing. The right tools, flatware, and furniture leverage your cooking skills.

  1. Dining table

You want a four-seater dining table is enough if you’re living independently or with you’re S.O. The remaining seats are there for when you have people over. Pick a sturdy table made of wood or glass.   Circular or oval tables are better in small areas while long, rectangular ones are best for homes with dedicated dining areas.

  1. A set of sharp knives

If you have to scrimp on kitchen accessories, don’t hesitate to pick a set of expensive, long-lasting knives. Achieving flawless makeup lies on the tools used. It’s the same with meal prep. Having razor-sharp cutting tools shortens the time of cooking and gives the best results when it comes to chopping fresh ingredients or cutting meat.

  1. Cast-iron pot

An iron pot is the most versatile cookware. It’s like the LBD of Lazy cooks. They can make crockpots and slow cooker recipes when hosting a dinner. Go for a non-stick pot for easy cleaning and storage.

  1. Wine glasses

Hosting a dinner at home is a rite of passage in your twenties. There’s bound to be some toast during and after the meal so be ready with some wine glasses. The stemmed ones are elegant but prone to breakage. Thus, you must hand wash them and leave them to dry on a rack by themselves. The stemless glasses are just as refined though you can load them into the dishwasher.

  1. Dinnerware

Meals become a feast when you place the food portions on porcelain dinnerware. Bright and patterned flatware is attractive to the eyes. White gleaming porcelain plates are okay, but they remind people of restaurants. Branch out and try a funky illustration at the center for a hidden surprise.

Living room

There’s always someone over in a social butterfly’s living room. It can be a movie night, game night (NBA Finals or PS4 challenges), book club gathering, crafting, or just plain catching up. Whatever’s your thing, a polished living room set up puts everyone right at home.

  1. Durable couch

The living room is sure to encounter house parties and movies nights as you get a lot of free time after graduating from college. Therefore, you need a sturdy sofa. It should be wide enough to occupy a good measure of your floor area while keeping the guests comfortable. Purchase one with removable covers so you can wash them in case there’s a spill or stain.

  1. Floor lamp

Often, you can’t alter the light fixtures in a rental. IF you aren’t satisfied with the lighting in your home, the floor lamp will become your best friend. It’s the quickest and most stylish fixture great for investment. It sets the mood and enhances illumination without commitment.

  1. Wall art

Artworks aren’t only for people who can afford them. There are works of art from young artists available for a hefty price. You can sour online, in community bazaars and pop-ups as well as organized art fairs. A gallery of wall art or a piece in your living room fills a barren wall. It’s a great conversation starter that reflects your personality and style.

Your 20s is a path of stacking significant life decisions. It’s the time when you focus your energy to spark a difference while enjoying what life has to offer. Though your monthly bank account balances may always be negative post-grad, money won’t be the missing ingredient to achieve the best home experience. Home styles will still change as you age. Thus, the best homes are those with the basics or the “bones” to keep their home organized and up-to-date.

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