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10 apps that will change the way you decorate [Infographic]

Redecorating your home is not something that can be done on a whim. You’ll need to think about what you plan to decorate, what colour scheme you’re going to choose, what budget will be required and much more. Making home decoration plans can be time-consuming with so much to consider, but in this tech-savvy era, there’s no shortage of apps which can make the process a lot more convenient.

Think of any aspect of the decoration planning process and you can be sure that there’s an app to cover it. Seeking inspiration for décor ideas? Looking for somewhere to neatly store any ideas you come across? Found a useful design or DIY hack? Trying to combine colours to see if they’ll go well together? Maybe you’re looking to buy and sell décor online? You can do all these through a series of brilliant interiors apps.

Decoration usually begins with the hunt for inspiration and one of the best apps for lighting your creative touchpaper is Houzz. With hundreds of awe-inspiring images at your fingertips and a handy directory of local building and decoration professionals, it’s bound to be a great prompt to get the decoration work in motion! For those who like to try their luck at handmade crafts, the Craftgawker app is sure to get the creative juices flowing.

When browsing catalogues and magazines for design ideas, you’ll probably come across a few that you like, but unless you make a note of them, you mightn’t be able to find the inspirational source. That’s why apps like Instapaper are very handy, as you can use it to bookmark any ideas you like so that you’ll have these for quick, easy reference later. Pinterest is also great for something like this, as well as throwing up the occasional DIY hack.

One of the most crucial aspects to interior design is selecting a colour scheme that works. Do you go for one dominant colour or try to mix it up with some effective combinations? What if you have two or three colours in mind but they don’t fit well together? There’s an app called MyPantone which lets you visualise colour combinations from a palette of more than 13,000 colours so that you can preview how certain combinations would look and save these if you think they work.

What if your redecoration plans include dispensing with old furniture and replacing it with something newer? Apps such as Etsy and Chairish give you access to thousands of creative furniture items while also providing a platform to advertise for sale any goods with which you’re trying to part. This can be a great way of revitalising your living spaces in a cut-price manner, while also allowing you to purchase goods which you won’t find in any furniture store.

This infographic from Jarrimber highlights 10 of the best apps for home decoration and is bound to motivate you to give your home a marvellous makeover!


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