10 Amazing Facts about Animals

Animals are the most abundant living species existing on our planet Earth. According to the records, there are about 1 to 2 million animal species, among which 90 to 95% are invertebrates, and only 5% of all animal species are vertebrates. To make the study of animals into the simplest form, taxonomists have grouped different animals into their group based on their features.

The animal kingdom classification comprises of various animals from the simplest form to the most complex ones. Animals are multicellular, free-living, heterotrophic organisms, which lack a cell wall and other specialised cell organelles including plastids. They have a well-developed cell, tissues and other organ systems including the skeleton, reproductive, nervous, digestive, circulatory and excretory systems. Apart from all this information, there are more interesting facts about animals which we are unaware of. Let us know some interesting facts about the most amazing creatures – animals.

Fact- NO-1

The female lion does ninety per cent of the hunting, while the male lions defend the pride’s territory.         

Fact- NO-2    

There are few aquatic animals, including water snakes, dolphins, whale, alligators, turtles, and crocodiles drown if they are allowed to stay underwater for too long.

Fact- NO-3

The bat is the only mammal that can fly. There are over 1000 different species of bat, and their life span varies between 25-30 years. They fly at a speed of 60mph and their vision covers nearly 360 degrees. i.e. They can see above, behind, and sides without turning their heads

Fact- NO-4

Elephants are the only animal species that can’t jump. They are the world’s largest terrestrial animal which weighs between 5,000 -7,500kg and their height range between 3- 4m tall.

Fact- NO-5

There are about 6,000 species of reptiles, and all are carnivores which mainly feed on insects, rats, frogs, birds and even mammals and other reptiles.

Fact- NO-6

The Blue Whale is the largest animal in the world, weighing more than 120,000kg which was equal to 30 elephants and its length ranged between 30-35 m long.

Fact- NO-7

The average life span of a peacock is for 20 years. It is the largest flying birds, which weighs between 10-15 pounds.

Fact- NO-8

The hippopotamus or hippos are often regarded as one of the most dangerous animals and the most aggressive creatures in the world. This wild creature can attack and kill both animals and humans with their powerful jaws.

Fact- NO-9

Tigers are the largest wild animal of the cat family. They are fantastic swimmers, and their favourite preys are deer and swine. This powerful carnivore hunts their prey between the dawn and dusk. These wild animals usually weigh 750 – 800 pounds and measure 11 feet.

Fact- NO-10

Monkeys are found all around the world. There are currently 264 known monkey species, which feed on fruits, flowers, reptiles, insects and other parts of a plant. These monkeys differ from those of apes.

These were a few amazing facts about the animals. For more facts, types and other information related to the cell, animal tissue and their habitats, students can visit BYJU’s website and also learn by watching interactive video lessons on various topics by subscribing to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.

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